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Gwin and Pugin Fastest in Windham WC Timed training

Gwin and Pugin Fastest in Windham WC Timed training

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Aaron Gwin and Floriane Pugin show their early intentions at the Windham World Cup. Also check out the qualifying start times.

click here for full mens downhill timed training results

Click here for full Womens DH timed training results

Click for full Windham World Cup Qualifying start lists

  1. Pete

    I think Peaty’s got it…

  2. chazney

    Bryceland second fastest on the second split

  3. Moz999

    It’s going to be mental – at least 5 people could win it, £10 says Warner loses his voice

  4. Jamie

    Yeah Petey!

  5. nadger

    i’d love to see neethling beat gwin. gonna be another banger no doubt!

  6. Pete

    No time for Tracy?

  7. Paton

    Top result there for Matt Simmonds and Joe Smith!

  8. Ollie

    Stoked for Joe and Matts positions!

  9. Nozes

    Mr Gwin is keeping everyone nervous,not a bad tactic

  10. iloper

    CG for a podium!

  11. ben

    sick top 10 quals, cmon underdogs, tim bentley go on son!!!


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