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Gusset Oxide & Oxide XL Pedals

16:40 31st July 2013 by Ed Haythornthwaite


Riders have different tastes when it comes to their bikes, especially when it comes to contact points, and so it makes sense that Gusset have decided to offer their new Oxide pedals in two different platform sizes. The standard ones have a 95mm wide platform whilst the XL’s come in at 105mm. Length wise they’re both the same at 115mm, but the difference in width is definitely noticeable. Which do you go for? Well that’s obviously down to your personal taste. If you’ve got really big feet then you’ll almost certainly want the XL’s, but we reckon the standard ones will make great trail riding flats. Of course the smaller platform will also give you a bit more ground clearance, and because there’s less material they weigh a little less at 428g instead of 450g. The choice is yours though.


As for the rest of the pedal they have a decent concave shape and whilst they’re not super slim at 20mm, they’re far from fat, it does mean that there’s room for Gusset to fit decent quality bearings. One sealed one and one needle bearing per pedal to be precise. You also get ten ‘Maz’ pins per side and we’ve been fans of these since Gusset first introduced them. The flanged design means that they’re far more resistant to being ripped out and the threaded outer section just ups the grip level yet another notch. If they screwed in from the back they’d be perfect. The pedals come complete with four spare pins and if you need more then they’re easy to get hold of, and if you want to go colour crazy they’re available in blue, red and black as well as the standard silver, as are the pedals themselves. Overall we reckon these are good quality pedals which should last well thanks to decent bearings and plenty of metal in the crucial places, and they stand up well against similar priced alternatives.

Price: £89.99


  1. Si Paton

    Awesome pedals. I’ve been running the red set on my BMX race bike for 12 months now. No pin loss, they spin perfect and are still maintenance free for a long time to come. Use 5.10s or Vans to make sure your feet stick to them like jam on toast.

  2. calvin partel

    i be keen ona free sample of size large pedals in any colar you would like to give me . these pedals look like they would stick to my shoes like GLUE. cheers guys


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