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Greg Minnaar takes the Gold at the World Champs - Full Results

Greg Minnaar takes the Gold at the World Champs - Full Results

Greg Minnaar takes the win here at World Champs in his back garden, he went .396 faster than Mick Hannah, and it turns out he had a slow puncture in the bottom section!

In third spot though Jared Graves puts in one heck of an effort and he was on a trail bike, Graves has got to be one of the best all round bike riders in the world.

Matt Simmonds put in an incredible performance, he’s the fastest Brit and he’s also up in 5th position.

1st – Greg Minnaar
2nd – Mick Hannah
3rd – Jared Graves

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  1. Packer

    Brilliant to see Greg win it!
    Bit gutted for Mick though, so close for him.
    Great event!

  2. Mr A

    What a Joke!

    1. Trip Fontane

      What is?

      1. Mr A

        That the race was nearly won on an enduro bike (which is a pretty rad thing for Graves to do, but it doesn’t say much for the track). Also the fact that Minnar had such an advantage. I’m probably just moaning though because I would have loved Hannah to win!

  3. Steve

    Gold, Silver and Bronze all on 26″ wheels, and on such a pedally track…that will silence a lot of people protesting the merits of 650b!

  4. Alex

    Awesome stuff! I was torn between rooting for British riders or GM. So pleased with the result though especially Matt Simmonds in 5th!

  5. Hancock

    It’s 2009 again, all the teams turn up with funky proto bikes, Syndicate wins with a normal DH bike and some iron legs. Graves is a freak of nature though!

    1. Duncan B

      Ha nice observation!

  6. skiddy pants

    Arrgggghhhh! How fucking hard is it to not spunk the result in the headline!? I come on here to see if there is a replay on yet and once again you’ve shot your load all over yourselves.

    1. Dennis

      Replay is always were the Livestream is. Redbull.tv. No need to come here…

      1. skiddy+pants

        Really? Ahem. As you were…

    2. Richie

      Let me get this straight – you’ve come on to a MTB NEWS site AFTER a major race and then complain because they’ve loaded up a story regarding the results.
      What were you expecting you miserable tool?
      I don’t care what they put in the headline – if I don’t want to know the result I don’t go on MTB sites.

  7. baddog


    1. Packer

      He had an OTB half way down. Was off the pace though anyway.

  8. baddog


    1. Packer

      Stacked it in the first turn!
      Gutted for him.
      Mitch Ropelato did the same thing.

  9. InsaneShane

    Next strike of the old 26 after the EWS! Yeah, i love it!

  10. Ddmonkey

    Oh. How boring. Was really hoping for someone new and exciting to win it, rather than moany old Greg.

    1. Willy+W

      You are an uneducated moron! Carry yourself off somewhere else

      1. Ddmonkey

        Sorry for having an opinion. In what way does hoping for a new name as world champ as opposed to someone who has won it before and has been moaning on twitter a lot recently make me an uneducated moron? Anyway Mr Willy you are clearly right, whatever you say. Consider me told.

    2. Willy+W

      Sadly for you there is more to Greg’s win then his Tweets! Defending World Champ wins worlds (first back to back win since Hill in 07). In his hometown, 100m from his back door, with a clean and sensational run in what could be the twilight of his career. What a way to cap of a sensational career of one of the worlds greatest bike riders, even if he he continues on 5 more years, his win yesterday is fairytale stuff and all you can do is whinge about his tweets? That’s un-educated.

      1. CriDavies

        I feel like I’ve stumbled onto YouTube. Behave thyselves!

  11. ste
  12. Mr+A

    That the race was nearly won on an enduro bike (which is a pretty rad thing for Graves to do, but it doesn’t say much for the track). Also the fact that Minnar had such an advantage. I’m probably just moaning though because I would have loved Hannah to win!

  13. Ronin

    The riders seemed to like the track. While it isn’t the gravity fed tech we all would’ve liked to watch, all of us know how intimidating fast speeds are. These boys put on a hell of a show every round every season. I’m sure money and perhaps politics dictate which venues are chosen when.
    As if we could touch graves run on our trail bikes…stfu

  14. William Raymond

    awesome race! the most talked about bike choices, both with bigger wheels and both washed on the first corner! isnt there supposed to be more grip as Mr Jones cares to point out over and over and over. maybe he can stop going on about teams needing to get with the times and new wheel diameters and wake the f up! its the operator not the machine ya wad! almost stop reading dirt mag after his last WC article about how stupid athletes are, ignoring the potential upgrades to modern wheel sizes. shut up already and enjoy some world class bike shredding ya tit! minnaar deserved that win! awesome run! Blenki was the highlight for me to watch though……so Champs and EWS both owned by 26″! stick that in yer pipe SJ

    1. DirtyDee

      Even if you’re not too keen on Mr Jones’ ramblings or the wheel size fiasco, I’m sure you could have phrased it a bit more constructively than this…Shame

  15. nozes

    Being following all aspects of mountain biking since the the beggining of the 90’s,I don’t think I ever saw anything promoted so agressively by the industry as the new wheel size trend.
    Most of us don’t WANT OR NEED bigger wheels,mister big brand man. Thanks.

  16. skud

    Gutted for Mick – was rooting for him. That was probably his best shot at a world title. Also well done Matt Simmonds!

  17. dickhead

    Minnaar put 1 sec on mick from the last split… what a monster!. Love these types of tracks! if you don’t want to pedal, why ride a bike? and the tech innovations for this race were amazing, exactly what these sports need to progress

  18. Mez Eldridge-Tull

    Some people need to man up and stop all this wheel bashing, track trashing bike bollocks… Seriously… Can’t people just be stoked enough that it was an insane world champs! Cracking afternoon!

  19. Big Bird

    Can’t we all just get along and ride bikes?

  20. Jonnnu

    So basically 26 is best wheel size but trail bike tech has got awesomely good over last 3 years and that’s what most of us ride. More to the point it what most of us want let’s face it. Graves showing a bike that can rag trails we all do week in week out can also hack a champs level course. It’s like advertising in reverse. Be happy with the bike you have and just ride more and ride better and ride smoother… Tackling champery on my BFe next week 😉 love to see Greg win by the way such a good product for our sport.

  21. Jonnnu

    PRO not product :) stupid auto whatever the f@+!

  22. fanboy

    The win of rider over machine (and wheel size), the fittest riders carrying most speed took the medals! Super impressed by all top 5 finishers.

    Graves is a good hall of famer by now, pick a discipline and he will get top 5 results. Tour de France next? 😉

    Also, good to see how AM bikes have progressed, now you can actually ride anything on the same bike! Hat’s off to Gravesy showing us mortals how to f*cking kill it. Hat’s off!

  23. Informed Commentators Wanted

    What about Rob Warner’s pitch for 27.5/650b during the live broadcast(shortly before Graves’ run)?
    Is he still on Giant’s payroll or could he think of nothing else to say?

  24. Ain't no-one forcing you..!

    Unless I’m wrong ..and the Wheelsize police have started their fascist policy of cleansing sheds of 26″ mtb’s.. Then what the fuck is all this long drawn out bullshit of wheel size bitching really about..??

    There is a simple answer to this….. YOU RIDE WHAT YOU WANT !
    If you like your bike….then keep it…
    If you don’t …then buy another that flicks your switch…
    Buy a f@cking Penny Farthing if it makes you smile..

    But for the love of God…… Please stop droning on about 26/27.5/29……

    Let It Be…….

  25. Damian

    Brilliant race.
    Thought Graves run just showed he is an awesome rider and a powerhouse.
    Simmonds was ace, well done fella.
    Highlight for me was Blenkinsop he just looked like he was having fun and popping the jumps and style, amazing.
    Well done Greg and hard lines Sick Mick, so close.
    To all those people who said the course was lame, why did so many people fall off ? I rest me case.

    1. scriz

      A lot of guys went down from being too tired to hold on, or running silly equipment ( XC tires? ) to try and gain time on the “freeway”, as Gwin called it. Graves made up 23 places with his enduro setup between splits 1 and 2.

  26. Oz

    Well that was just an epic race and watching Greg win on home soil almost brought a tear to my eye. Awesome. At the second split Mick Hannah was 4s up on Graves then crossed the line only 3s up. He left a second on the hill in the last section and that’s where Greg made up the time. I feel for Mick but in the end you have to respect the talent of Minaar.

  27. Mr A

    Fair point Ox.

    So ‘Ain’t no-one forcing you..!’ would you be happy if all the riders starting wearing skins suits again so they can ‘ride what they want’???

  28. James

    Bit of a shame mitch and stevie stacked it in the first corner, was really looking forward to seeing what those two could do.

  29. Robz

    I love downhill mountain biking.

    What a great race. It had it all.

    Very well done Greg. A deserved world champ!

  30. BicyKiller

    People can bitch and moan all they like, but Greg is a true inspiration to many especially us who share the same hometown. His acheivments have boosted the sport immensely in our hometown! To all the “internet experts” Graves said so himself that he chose that bike quite simply because he had been on it all year and was most comfortable on that bike.. It had nothing to do with wheel size, he also mentioned that if he could have gotten in a week or two of training on his DH bike he would of used it without a doubt.. Well done to Greg, and well done to every single rider who made it to world champs, how many of you could say the same?

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