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Greg Minnaar Gamut P30 Chain Device Winner!

11:11 21st September 2012 by Billy Thackray

We have a winner! Sebastian Revell from Surrey wins the Minnaar Gamut P30 Chain Device!

Hands up, I’ll admit I’m a bit slack when it comes to competitions and sorting out winners. We’ve got a few comps outstanding, notably the NS Bikes Holy 1 and the ABD Derelikt 3 bike but I promise I’ll sort them out now that the World Cup hoopla has finished.

So, remember the Greg Minnaar Gamut P30 Chain Device comp? Well Sebastian Revell was the lucky lad who won it, and here he is.

  1. John

    Good call. Sounds like you choose a deserving winner! Fair play Seb (and his dad) for bouncing back after a crazy crash. Would be cool to see the crash though!

    1. John

      Did I seriously type choose! Meant chose. Lol

  2. r mac

    Fair play to the lad, deserving winner


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