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Gravity Project - The Honey Race

Gravity Project - The Honey Race

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Bee there or bee square! Tell them about the honey, mummy! I actually got stung by a bee the other day…yes…£10 for a jar of honey. Oh beehive! No, seriously, it stung me on my todger, I asked the Dr to remove the sting but leave the swelling!

No, but really, you owe me £20 for that honey. What honey? Never mind darling!

Sorry about that, but I couldn’t resist getting all my honey jokes out of the way. Anybody got any more?

Here’s the Gravity Project Honey Race series news.

By the way if you’re wondering why it’s called the Honey Race, organiser Graeme told me, “We have beehives on site and have our own organic honey and it’s pretty damn tasty too!”

The Gravity Project is situated in an old quarry in Lower Froyle, Hampshire.

The guys at Gravity Project say:

“It’s been around 5 months since the first Gravity Project race and since then we’ve been busy behind the scenes planning a whole series for you all.

Kicking off on March the 11th at Froyle Quarry the series will run over five months with races being held at both Froyle Quarry and Rogate.

Not only that but we’ve managed to scrape together a great collection of prizes culminating in a set of Mavic Deemax Ultimates for the overall winner!

And of course there’ll be plenty of the Gravity Projects famous Honey!

Entry for the first race is currently live on the British Cycling website:


and entry for the other races in the series will be live shortly!

Come check us out on facebook for more details:


Will the Honey Monster be racing?

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  1. dirt dodger

    OK so I initially thought the lack of information on the press release was on purpose to drive people to the FB page and get likes to gain a following etc. But there is no more info on there, what is the format? how is it run? it cannot be gravity fed as it’s in a quarry and I seriously doubt by the look of the pics that the quarry is very deep – anybody know anything about this? is it xc or what?

  2. billy

    @Dirt Dodger, isn’t a shot at winning a jar of honey enough to get you to enter?

  3. dirt dodger

    possibly Billy – depends on the size of the jar pal haha.

  4. tom

    its a DH race series

  5. ed@dirt

    and i’ve been there and there’s a decent enough height drop for a short track. Think forest of Dean Mini DH style.

  6. dirt dodger

    really? thanks Ed and Tom. Never would have guessed it from the pics.

  7. Andy

    I entered the last race there. Sure the track is relatively short, but it a great grass-roots series, organised, dug and hosted by a nice group of guys who like to ride. They’ve made the most out of the terrain they have (the tracks are pretty fun) and put lots of effort into getting this up and running. If you’re living in the South, why not give it a go. This is exactly the sort of series that we need more of.

  8. Adam

    Its the same in height as FoD and higher than PORC, its hard to tell because its a hole in the ground

  9. Big_Tim

    Can they organise uplifts from the Chinooks based just up the road at RAF Odiham?
    Wokka wokka wokka…

  10. scottfitz

    My fastest race run from the first race.

    I will doing the first race, can’t wait.

    It was a good day of DH racing, great track & poeple.


  11. Bean

    Quick little edit by Matt Goode of the last race:



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