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Graves and Labounkova fastest WC 4x qualifiers in Leogang/Results

Graves and Labounkova fastest WC 4x qualifiers in Leogang/Results

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Jared Graves and Romana Labounkova go fastest in 4x World Cup qualifying at a rain soaked Leogang.

  1. Gekko

    Ohhhh. Graves is the fastest, what a surprise…

  2. Chris

    Come on Mr Longden!!

  3. tramontane cycles

    Well done Jared! Go hard mate, I hope they arent compression skin knee pads :)

  4. Johnny Be Good

    Can we fast forward the 4X and get to the DH already?

  5. Jack

    @johnny Be Good dont be a such a dick! 4x righy deserves its place on WC and should respected just as much as DH is. A lot of work and effort is put into it by athletes and organisers so dont be hating. I know it can have its flaws etc but dont right it off like that

  6. Malc

    No Joey Gough this round then? Seems a shame…..

  7. Laurens van Rooijen

    @Johnny Be Good The 4cross course in Leogang made for banger racing last year, and it’s back virtually unchanged. If you don’t like 4cross, feel free to watch the replay of Ft Bill while the race is on. But stop that bitch talking, mkey?

  8. Johnny Be Good

    You guys are sensitive. Your defensiveness seems to indicate there my be an underlying truth in my post. Four Cross is a challengin discipline – sure, maybe a little confusing when it comes to the different quality of the courses and some pro’s racing and some not. Four Cross seems to be more of a B side or side show, when it comes a WC gravity weekend. I’d like to see it split off on it’s own (although it would likely fail without the DH race to carry it). It would be good I think to see more emphasis and resources put into a full WC DH weekend – in order to provide more coverage and attention and by means of a DH focus. It would be good for DH racing I think. That is my little opinion, and I’m sure you will be offended – prepared for a full flaming thumbs down.

  9. Johnny Be Good

    I should type slower and proof read my posts before publishing! Wicked bad errors and grammar. OK.


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