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New Giro Xar Helmet

New Giro Xar Helmet

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

If you’re into All Mountain riding you’ll be interested to hear that Giro have released a new model, the Xar, inspired by the classic Xen which we featured in the Dirt 100

You’ll have to wait a while though, the Xar won’t be available till Feb 2011, cost will be £114.99srp.


The XAR offers all the features you’ve come to expect from Giro’stop-level trail-riding helmets—P.O.V. adjustable visor; full coverage in-mold composition with EPS foam and polycarbonate shell; Roll Cage reinforcement; and the new Roc Loc 5 fit system -the XAR truly heralds a new era of performance, comfort and style.


At the heart of this helmet you’ll find 17 Wind Tunnel vents as well as optimized internal channeling, and the visor is vented to increase airflow. Breathability on the XAR is incredible; there’s never been a lid this breathable on dirt. Even the padding is extraordinary thanks in part to X-Static anti-microbial fabric.

New Giro Xar & RL5 Fit System >>

An explaination of the Roc Loc 5 fit system that will be rolling out on selected models in the 2011 range (incl. the Xar).

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  1. Big_Tim

    I’ll give away my ground breaking multi million pound making idea.
    Why don’t any companies make a helmet with a sleek integrated mount for a headlight or camera?

  2. Tom.D

    Hmmm still think the Xen has to be the best looking xc lid out there, this looks a bit too much like the cheaper hex.

  3. blood donor

    How much….less is more?

  4. Triad

    Looks like they have tried to morph the Xen and the old and ever popular E2. You used to be able to pick up the Xen and E2 for £89.99 RRP a few years ago and now the prices seem to be rocketing!

  5. Karate Chris

    Over £100 for something that’s mostly plastic, foam and polystyrene! I’ll stick with a nice cheap Hex that does the same job for me. If anyone thinks they look “cool” with an XC lid on they are a bit deluded :-)

  6. Ralph

    @Big Tim.: why? What happens with the mount in a crash? For best protection, energy absorbtion nothing needs to potruded.

    Although that is still debateable with the screwed on peaks on let’s say a TLD D2!

    @ least the Giro has a break-a-way peak.

  7. Tricki

    They all look the same to me.

  8. Big_Tim

    Ralph – because its all about convenience, safety (a break away design – not having a wedge of metal permanently velcro-d to your helmet that can cause a pressure point in a crash), clean styling and general progression. The functonality would all be in the design. It would be easy to make a simple push in mount that does not impact safety performance.

    I have noticed that on almost any forum if anyone has an idea there are people that just dismiss the idea staight away. Why is that?
    We all need to keep coming up with and pushing new ideas, otherwise we’d still be riding around on boneshakers with half a melon strapped to our heads!!!! C’mon people, embrace the think tanks!!

  9. shane71

    I agree, i’v had a xen for years, also i got my son one.
    They have been very good helmets.
    This new one looks like the cheaper helmets.
    More money, less Quality?????

  10. Jamey

    To the people who say this helmet looks like the cheaper helmets…how can you tell by looking at the two pictures provided that it does indeed look cheap? Because it looks more like the Hex then it does the Xen?


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