Gee Atherton’s Commencal Supreme DH Comparison

The Commencal Supreme DH bike ridden by Gee,
Dan and Rachel Atherton is the most successful
race bike of the 2008 downhill season. Is it?
Well of course it is. With prototype suspension,
geometry, and given all the care and attention
from a pair of wily old Irishmen (the Atherton
mechanics Steve Bell and Skinny) this is the bike
loads of people would like to get their hands on.
The fact that both the family and the company
have got their act together working to get good
equipment is one of the many factors that have
enabled the Athertons to considerably step up
their game this season. But how different is it
really from the bike you can buy?

Checkout the full comparison here here.

Jones enjoying a muddy day out on the Schladming hill.

Gee Atherton’s Commencal Supreme DH Comparison

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