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Gee Atherton wins Windham and World Cup overall

Gee Atherton wins Windham and World Cup overall

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Gee Atherton has beaten Greg Minnaar by just 0.37seconds at the Windham World Cup finals to claim the overall title.
Fastest qualifier Steve Peat was on fire and smoking Gee’s time but went down hard in the drop near the bottom.

But what a race for Gee Man, the amount of pressure that must have been on his shoulders all week, he kept his cool and delivered a killer of a final run to take the win and his first series overall with 1229 points to Greg Minnaar’s 1185.

Via Twitter:

Gee Atherton: What a season,racing all round the world and it boils down to .37 So stoked to be world cup champion. Massive respect to Greg for the battle.

Greg Minnaar: Awesome season, congrats to Gee…. Good season battling it out with him.

Steve Peat: Gutted ,sore ,pissed off with myself but at least I am good for next week !!!

5 Brits in the top ten overall.








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  1. SamFromCham

    Yeah gee !!!!

  2. Pedro

    Stoked for Gee, but I would’ve loved if Peaty had won this one race.
    What a shame he crashed

  3. Anoobis

    Peaty!!! :'( he was killing it, and I thought gee/greg were killing the course.
    Peaty must have the champs again this year!

  4. MINT

    Peaty would have won it though…

  5. Mark

    was pulling for GM but props to Gee, what a season for him. Shows just how strong & competitive he is. would’ve been cool to see Gwin or Peaty take it tho. cest’ la vie, Worlds ahoy!

  6. iceman2058

    Gee!!!!! Well stoked!
    Shame for Peaty though, defintely would have preferred to see him take that run all the way to the end. He blew me away in that rockgarden…talk about pinned!

  7. MINT

    Peaty is the real winner for this round!

  8. Tim Wild

    I’m not gay for Gee or ‘owt but 1st World Cup overall, World Champ, a win at a 4X World Cup (and I think a top 5 place in the overall that year) and a 2nd at Rampage. There aren’t many who have such a varied CV…CG is the only person who has got a simliar record and looks as good on a bike. Like him or not, Gee is best bike rider out there.

  9. Hancock

    Good God Peaty, I hope he hasn’t done himself any damage for the Worlds. He needs to win at MSA…

  10. boverick

    bummer for peaty…..hope all is good for der vorlds.

  11. David Oliver

    All that, plus Gracia’s one hander, Warner accidentally dissing Vanderham, everyone cooing over Brosnan like a newborn. Pure entertainment.

  12. Cookie

    It was awesome to see both gee and greg leaving nothing on the track, bring on next week!

  13. Pete

    Fantastic for GeeMan, gutted for Peaty, he was flying. You have to say, team GB has never been so strong for the Worlds.
    Slightly amused seeing Cam Cole finish 11th even though he didn’t compete in either the last two rounds, amazing season for him.

  14. Jamie

    Gutted for peaty, all the more motivation for the worlds though!
    What did Warner say about Vanderham? I missed that bit

  15. stacy

    lewis is on point for world jr title.
    a few will be nippin at his heels though.
    can’t wait for msa.
    jr world title will be a battle!!!!

  16. Caleb

    Via Spokemagazine.com.
    I’m not very good at maths (so i’ve just conferred with Spoke reviewer and banker Mark Dangerfield on these stats) but in response to Dirt Magazine being stoked on having five Brits in the top ten I just thought i’d break it down for them how much radder we are. So it goes like this: Great Britain has five people in the top ten at the Windam World Cup, their country has 64 million people so that means that they had ratio of 1 in 12 million people in the top ten. New Zealand has three people in the top ten at Windam, and we have 4.5 million people so that means that we had a ratio of 1 in 1.5 million people which I think is pretty good in fact it means that we are roughly seven times better at downhill than the UK. If you want a real laugh though check the USA stats, they have 307 million people and one person in the top ten, which means that we are around 200 times better than them.

  17. Colin

    why wasn’t Cam Cole at the last two rounds? probably missed a news bit somewhere.. but i’m out of the loop

    great work by Gee this season! cool to see some hard winter training pay off big for him.
    too bad peaty didn’t take the race though.. or gwin

  18. Jimmy

    Ha ha ha – Caleb! Fucking classic!

  19. Coop

    Unfortunatley Cam broke his scaphoid in his wrist so has been unable to compete. Heard 50/50 for worlds from Martin Whitley in commentary this morn although am pretty sure he has already decided that he wont be there. I hope he makes it. Would make the Kiwi team pretty strong. Also of note well done Blinky for 3rd overall and Brook for cracking top 20 in first year out of juniors. Unlucky for George he was pipped by Troy for junior world cup by a mere 15 points!! Worlds should be on for young and old with the return on Neko as well as Peaty and of course one Sam Hill.

  20. oknid

    great season, awesome battle. you couldn’t script it any better. two riders, exactly the same results, difference between them in the last race and effectively the entire season only 0.24% (when you look at the time). congrats to gee ftw, and also minaar for sticking in there until the last pedal stroke…
    also, what was up with spagnolo and that gap, crazy…

  21. craig bargery

    oh my god peatys a leglend i cant belive he came of worlds champs he will nail it

  22. Wilburfied

    What’s the go with the points difference between the dirt site and the uci site. They both have a way different end results point table?

  23. stubacca

    Why was the crowd so pitifully small? Was a bit poor having crowd 1 deep at finish, looked like a regional race. Are Americans not interested in World Cups?

  24. Gomez

    Thinking the same thing Stubacca..crowd looked non existant..c/w that with FW..
    Anyway…what a result..fantastic Gee..what a series..a season with 12 races like that would plush.
    gutted for Peaty…I sat speachless in front of freecaster..however MSA here he comes…


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