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Gee Atherton wins the 2013 Fort William World Cup! - Full Results

17:06 9th June 2013 by Ed Haythornthwaite


Gee makes it an Atherton double at Fort William!


For full (and easier to read) results click on the image above.


It can’t get much better for the Athertons than this. Rach convincingly took the win earlier in the women’s race, and now Gee has gone and done the same thing in the mens.


On the podium Gee’s face seemed almost as full of relief as it was celebration. He was often the bridesmaid last season and so he’ll be stoked to get his 2013 season off to this kind of start.

Danny Hart was the last man down the hill after qualifying fastest yesterday, and it was looking like it might be close after his first split that wasn’t far off Gee’s pace, but by the time he reached the second split it was clear Gee had the win.

We’re not sure what’s been up with Gwin this weekend, 20th today is a million miles from where he would have wanted to be.

With a top ten like this, and times so close, this season looks like it’s going awesome!

  1. DAN+W

    Love this time of year, roost in the corners, cheers in the crowd and mountain bikes at the center of it.

  2. Matt Grindrod

    oh my days, roll on next weekend!

  3. Hancock

    Gwin nowhere, Bulldog second.

    Somebody must be feeling a bit silly right about now…

    1. sonni


    2. dirt dodger

      Hell yeah ! satisfying for more than a few of them i dare say and especially Gee after the last 2 years :-) ………let’s see if he has a different head on his shoulders this weekend @ V.D.S, maybe he is ill or has an injury or something and not telling anybody? it seems odd he is so far off but i won’t feel sorry for him, or the championship as we have others like Smith and Blenky back on the podium, be good if the season plays out like this – tight times and close racing yes bring it on.

      1. Hancock

        As fun as it is being glib, I really think there is something wrong with the Spesh team. It’s not the riders or the bike, but they seem to be gifted at taking hugely talented guys and making them under perform. 12 and 20 with Brosnan and Gwin, with nothing obviously wrong, is a horrible result.
        If the two of them smash it in Italy then it’s just a blip, but they really do have to win next week, if they don’t (or worse, if they’re out of the top ten again) there will be some serious and awkward questions to ask about how that team goes about racing.

      2. Gabe

        Been saying it all winter; Spesh have made a rod for there own back here. If Gwin performs, the forums will all put it down to Gwin being an animal. If he fails to perfor the blame will fall squarely on the bike. Race 1, he’s nowhere to be seen and the forums have torn the bike apart already. When will Spesh learn? Buy up and coming riders and give them the final push to the top. It works bloody well for Trek. You would have thought they’d learn from the Sam Hill disappointment. On that note, its good to see Sam performing again on the Pulse.

      3. Oz

        Totally agree Gabe, Spesh were always going to come out looking bad whatever Gwin’s result. The thing is, 12th isn’t a bad result for Brosnan who made a small mistake on the top section and he’s a small guy on a physical course. 20th for Gwin is an absolute shocker in my opinion, especially by his standards. Comparing the two riders I really don’t think the bike is to blame. For the last two years Gwin has had the winning formula, be it training/crew/team/routine/diet/bike etc. We will see how this season pans out for him but he might regret changing something that brought him so much success just for the $$$.

  4. Wasthatit

    Awesome! Amazing race, on the edge of my seat for hours. Couldn’t be better.

  5. Fooman G

    Such close racing, such a battle, amazing!!!!

  6. Merohedra

    Stoked for the Atherton’s , so good to see them take the win together. Gutted for Danny though, he was getting loose again ! Roll on next weekend ;)

  7. Bobblehead

    Just wish One would give him a new helmet as well.

    1. burns

      yep! This one his hideous.

  8. george

    why dont you touch it

  9. unleash

    man will you stop posting who won before i had chance to watch it most people have been out riding all day and wanna see it before they know who wins,you cant even come on here without knowing you plaster it right across the top of the page ,leave it out will ya

    1. fordy

      try not looking on the dirt website until after you have watched the race on red bull tv? just a thought

      1. unleash

        sound advice ! ha ha after a bit of a search i found it there ,it used to be on here ,i know for next race

    2. James

      Wait, so at the end of a World Cup day you decide to head here expecting it to be void of any information on the race? You idiot.

      1. unleash

        brave man chucking insults behind your keyboard.pinkbike keep the results headed as results on race day and as dirt used to air the races i came on here to watch .wasn’t aware it wasn’t otherwise id have stayed away .

  10. Ga

    Great result by Gee – maybe that bike is now the one. . .

    Gotta agree with the helmet comment though – the only thing ONE are getting from him wearing that thing is everyone who sees it crossing it off the shopping list. They’d be better of sticking him in a D3 and forgetting about it.

  11. artist

    Hill second split before pedal motoway.

    Cant wait for Val di Sole.

    1. dirt dodger

      this is bloody good news, damn good news, so f’ing cool to have him back on point!!! And clearly fit :-)

  12. Oz

    The self proclaimed ‘fastest rider in the world’ finishes 20th. Humble pie anyone?

    1. dirt dodger


      1. Mr A

        I think there’s far too much dirt being thrown at Gwin. If anything it looks bad for the demo as with Hill doing better on a new bike and brook doing better on a Trek. Gwin is the only guy not talking dirt about anyone else.

        Could be the haters eating humble pie before long.

        As for ‘self proclaimed’, I think that his results last year back that up to be a fact at the time.

        Was an amazing race yesterday, and it’s certainly exciting to see the field open up. I think Stevie smith is one to watch.

      2. Oz

        Mr A, anyone who goes on video and says ‘I am the fastest rider in the world’ better be prepared for some grief when the results don’t go their way. Not only that he was well beaten by his team mate, taking the ‘Demo’ issue out of the argument. Also Hill did fine last year on the Demo, I really don’t know why people think he’s so much faster on the new bike. On the flip side of things, saying that the Trek is disrespectful to Brook, who absolutely killed it all last year on the Mondraker. I honestly wasn’t surprised to see him right up there. I think the structure of the team that Martin Whiteley and Trek bring is the reason for their success, not just the bike.

      3. Oz

        *edit – I meant to say ‘…saying that the trek Session is responsible for Gwins victories…’

      4. dirt dodger

        Mr A. Sam did just fine @ Ft Bill last year coming back from injury on the Spesh – what was it? 5th? There aint nothing wrong with the bikes. Like I said above I expect Gwinn may perform better next week @ v.d.s and perhaps there is something wrong that has not been publicised and that is why he was so bad @ Ft Bill, maybe it’s the bike, maybe he just had a bad weekend – hell we all do as racers – personally i would prefer it if he just hasn’t bonded with the bike (except for when in Cali on nice buff trails) and gets rinsed by the competition for the rest of the year, but I doubt that will happe but you can bet my fingers will be blue from crossing them so hard.

  13. jonnyfox

    be interesting to see how many people are removing Gwin from fantasy league teams based on that performance….

    1. ddmonkey

      Too late already, my team is in the toilet after one round. Such a shame Brayton broke himself.

      1. Leon

        Yep I have gwin and brayton on my team , looks like that has gone to shit haha!
        Still got val di sole though !

  14. ronin

    it’s early and it’s racing. gwin had equal surprise @ worlds. way to go Sams and bmac! were those 3 on flats,too?!

  15. Paul

    Looks like Gwin needs a bike that – er – looks more like a Trek

  16. Sam

    What the hell is everyone going on about Hill being ‘back’!? He got 4th there last year! Wouldn’t write Gwinn off just yet, anyone no matter how great can simply have a bad day. Suppose it could be possible that the demo with the rock shox setup might not suit him but I’d be surprised if this was the reason for him being so far off the pace.


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