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Gee Atherton wins qualifying at the 2013 Hafjell World Cup

Gee Atherton wins qualifying at the 2013 Hafjell World Cup


There are still a pile of men left to go in qualifying in Hafjell, but it’s pretty safe to say that Gee Atherton has made it yet another Atherton double after Rach just took the win in the women’s qualifying.

Mick Hannah deserves a big shout out though after coming within just 0.110 of a second behind Gee, and he was actually fastest at the first two splits. Mick was obviously seriously gutted not to take the win at the World Champs the other week, and now he’s clearly out to try and make up for that. With the tight times it’s certainly going to be an interesting race come Sunday.

Talking of Sunday, we reckon it’s actually possible for Gee to wrap up the title with a round to spare. If he wins and Stevie Smith is outside the top five then the title is his. But, as we all know anything can happen…

Anyway, here how the top of the field stands at the moment:


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  1. mcewan7

    Where is Gwinnnnn?

    1. James

      Possibly had a mechanical?

      1. WAKi

        or too short stays!

  2. David Jaquin

    Gwin has an injured should so is out for Hafjell.

  3. tom

    Peaty second quickest and the third split? Awesome!

    1. lzd

      High speed not split

      1. Kermit

        He got some tips to that from Matti at the track walk, that clearly paid off!

      2. skud

        Peaty said on twitter he hit something which stopped him dead – so would’ve been up there if not for that!

  4. Nick

    Is Gee’s third split correct?

  5. sammoth

    pretty sure the third column is the speed trap, not a split time…

  6. Armin

    the third split is the max. speed :-)

  7. paulhaysom

    Might be looking at the speed trap there Nick.

    That moment when you regret not swapping Mick in to your fantasy team…..

  8. Tombola

    Think rain is due for the weekend too!!!

  9. dal

    go loic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ronin

    sik mik will prevail on sunday with sam in 3rd.

  11. Packer

    Would love to see Mick take it!

  12. Gaz

    This will be an interesting race, really hope it stays dry for it. Fingers crossed for Gee.

    Will someone please give Harry Heath a decent factory ride, the lad’s done wonders as a privateer this year. Great talent and a nice lad to boot.

  13. tumble

    Imagine how far in front Gee could be if he didn’t have to ride with a space shuttle on his head. Holy wind resistance!

  14. mncpunx

    Has anyone else noticed Harry Molloy has qualified in 68th and 69th?

    1. Phil Collins

      Something tells me Gee knows more about aero and drag in relation to DH than you do.


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