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Gee Atherton Wins Halo BDS Moelfre 2011 Results

Gee Atherton Wins Halo BDS Moelfre 2011 Results

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Gee Atherton has won the Halo BDS round 2 at Moelfre, North Wales with Steve Peat in second and Brendan Fairclough 3rd.

Dirt/Norco Team mechanic Ali Beckett has just beamed over the final results.

Full Moelfre results

1. Gee Atherton 2:23.154
2. Steve Peat 2:23.664
3. Brendan Fairclough 2:25.692
4. Matti Lehikoinen 2:26.006
5. Joe Smith 2:26.431
6. Marc Beaumont 2:27.053
7. Josh Bryceland 2:27.768
8. Adam Brayton 2:28.161
9. Dan Atherton 2:28.343
9. Ben Cathro 2:28.343
10. Jack Reading 2:28.741


Gee Atherton
Steve Peat
Brendan Fairclough
  1. Jarno

    So Dan Atherton is taking it easy and not going to race RSA yet he’s on his home soil on the same level as many other world cup racer.. I think there will be a some info for the press to be released..

  2. albert

    Reanna Atherton?

  3. chris

    did they spell rachel athertons name wrong or is there a Reanne Atherton?

  4. samwell

    Maybe he is not fit enough yet to race such a physical race as PBM ! So he better wants to stay home and train instead of going halfway over the world to finish at 50th place, which besides would not be great for the sponsors.
    Great to see that Peat is still here, year after year …

  5. Snakebite

    Where can I see the full results?

  6. tom

    Is reanne atherton a typo? or that just my ignorance?

  7. Dan

    yeah shes their cousin or something I think

    funny getting a tie on thousandths of a second haha

  8. Henners

    Good to see dan atherton back to speed so quick, no so many months back he still had that scaffolding round his head, a real inspiration! He should get some award.

  9. Chris Atherton

    Haha cousin oh the speculation. :-)

  10. crunat

    The first 4 letters of your UCI number are the year you were born. I’m pretty sure Rachel wasn’t born in 1983… That’d make her 28? nope….

  11. Roby

    crnat is absolutely right. rachel was born 1988….

  12. Roby

    and Peaty on fire !!! I wish him all the best into this season. Old man never gives up. Such a living legend =))

  13. Steveh

    There is a reanne atherton, no relation to the rest just a coincidence. Rachel was there this weekend but didn’t race.

  14. VonDH

    Nice to see Brendan in the top 3 . nice to see Dan back racing also . and the Adam Barrrp Brayton on form to :-)

  15. Ric

    brendawwwwg will be speedy this year think he could win something big

  16. Ricky.


    Here’s Reanne Atherton’s facebook page. Not a typo.

  17. Tom

    It’s awesome to see the whole Atherton clan wearing Leatts! They’re catching on, and it’s great to see such influential figures wearing them now.

  18. Glyn

    Dan Atherton top ten = legend. Inspirational…..

  19. ddmonkey

    Peaty for win in RSA!

  20. dirt dodger

    bloody great event this was, good racin, well organised too. Nationals this year are looking very good indeed….. fair play Shelped by the glooooooorious sunshine, AND THE IDENTITI GIRLS!!! WTF :-) I spent a little too much time looking in their direction mm mmmm mmmmmmmm…shame about the heli-trips and i really hope all the racers are ok, i suppose thats part of racin @ moelfre…

  21. dirt dodger

    good to see athie looking fast and back on his bike too, fair play Dan!

  22. TommyD

    Peaty’s back on form, class!

  23. Snakebite

    @Tom….they hardly deserve an award, it took them long enough and a pretty serious event to cop on…I hope all riders will run them, pro or not. Save the NHS an awful lot of money.

  24. Stephy Phillips

    awesome photos 😀

  25. Snakebite

    Yeah, some of the best photos I’ve seen in a while.

  26. Gman

    Any1 know the junior results?

  27. Sren

    good to see dan back on the bike and on the track.

  28. Viewer

    Adam Brayton storming already!

  29. Dr Kenneth Noisewater

    Is Peaty wearing a prototype pair of ‘fiveten peaty’ shoes? Nice 2011 kit on Peaty and Gee by the way!

  30. jackgolfgti

    @snakebite a few mountain bikers wearing neck braces won’t save the NHS any money maybe if people stopped smoking drinking crashing cars etc it might, so keep your politicians head in it’s box mate, they will only catch on if they come down in price, only last week i was at the pearce round and i had a kid bragging to me about his new carbon fibre neck brace that daddy bought blah blah and i said what made you wear 1 and his reply was sam hill does so why not, never mind the safety reason behind them just because sam hill does so its still a fashion item to some for 500 quid. that said i wouldn’t be shocked if they are made compulsory in 3 years time.


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