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Gee Atherton breaks tibia in training crash

Gee Atherton breaks tibia in training crash

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

GT Factory Racing rider Gee Atherton has broken his tibia in a crash during a training session.

From Gee’s Twitter earlier:

“So after a crash in training this week, I managed to break my tib…might put me outta action for a little while. More news when I get it.”

Really hope this is an early April Fool, but I fear it’s not…heal up fast and recovery vibes your way Gee man!

There’s a long time to go before World Cup #2 so hopefully Gee will be back in action for Val Di Sole.

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  1. Pete

    Can’t believe it! Hope hes gonna be ok for round 2. I have him down for a win at val di sole!

  2. billy

    Bad news! Wishing Gee a speedy recovery!

  3. Tom_

    2 Months should be enough for him to heal up for Val di Sole. Get well soon, Gee!

  4. Optimus Doddsy

    that changes things………

  5. gravity boy

    maybe he went a bit hard with his bones during winter fitness trainings … I mean, it’s just bones, not steel. They can get tired and break easily if you train too hard.

  6. Bozo

    Ill be buying a Morewood thankyou very much

  7. Jimbobjones

    @ gravity boy
    I’m pretty sure that Gee, being the pro that he is, will be on an extremely well thought out diet that will keep his body 100% fighting fit for all the training he does. I’m currently studying Nutrition and have never come across ‘tired bones’ unless we’re talking osteoporosis which I very much doubt he has.
    It’s much more likely that he came off his bike and hit his leg “well ‘ard”…

  8. dan j

    tired bones? whatever the crap

  9. Ben

    April Fools?

  10. Faceplanter

    Bozo – explain?!;-)

  11. Jon

    I wish I had read this today, so I could say APRIL FOOLS. But, no :-(

  12. Rodney

    Faceplanter – I’m not sure, but I think I can explain the comment by Bozo.
    1. The Atherton Family are a package marketed agressively and are not liked by some who follow World Cup. Gee especially is seen by some as a smart arse pain in the neck.
    2. GT dumped Mick Hannah and picked up the Athertons.
    3. Tracey Hannah has made a comeback to DH racing and both her and Mick have been picked up by the United Morewood Team.
    4. This year was looking to be a Hannah Family vs Atherton Family competition with those who don’t like the Athertons pinning their hopes on the Hannah duo. As we know both Tracey and Mick did extremely well at South Africa.
    5. Now Gee has busted his leg I think Bozo is rubbing salt in the wound by saying he’ll buy a Morewood.
    This is an assumption of what Bozo means based on comments I hear from some people around the traps.

  13. me

    think gravityboy might be talkin about shin splints, but how a bikist would develope them is beyond me

  14. Sky Rat

    Some of the comments on this page make me put my head in my hands

  15. adge

    oh well,

  16. dirt dodger

    WOUNDER !!! get well soon Gee.

  17. Cord

    In order to comment on here do you have to have had experimental surgery to remove your sense of humour? Argh, my bones are nearly worn out!!!!! No, REALLY they are!!!! Look it up in a dictionary.


    New excuse for my shit riding “my bones are wore out otherwise id have won that last race!”

  19. Jesus

    Stress Fracture ….. may be the term that some people may be suggesting …. however Gee managed to break his tibia in a ‘CRASH’ … therefore I conclude his fracture was traumatic in origin, and not a stress fracture !

  20. kevolution

    A fracture that kept me off my bike would stress me out.
    Get well soon Gee.

  21. Krissboo

    I’m tired


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