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Friday's Rubbery Randoms

13:42 23rd August 2013 by Dave Jaquin

As today marks the day when, in 1904, Harold D. Weed of Canastota, New York was issued with the patent for his “Grip-Tread for Pneumatic Tires” or tyre chains to you and me, we thought it a good opportunity to base this week’s dose of interweb weirdness on that magical material and ensuing grip that keeps us bikers rolling.

Rubber, we salute you!

To start with we couldn’t resist some banging tyre sliding slow-mo action from the Andorra World Cup.

Not exactly tyres this time but definitely rubber related, this is what happens when you have too much time on your hands, a super high speed camera and a hose pipe.

And incase you didn’t know how to skid on with your loevly rubber rings then our very own Steve Jones explains exactly how, with a young Billy in tow.

You might get a puncture skidding around but we’renot sure this idea will fly !? Airless tyres anyone?


A version for the road doesn’t look much better but apparently the US army use these. Introducing the Tweel!


And if you thought the guys with the massive rubber balloon filled with water had too much time on their hands then check out what happens when you wrap your head in rubber bands! Thanks to Wes Naman for these!

weird-photography-portraits-rubber-band-2 weird-photography-portraits-rubber-band-4 weird-photography-portraits-rubber-band-1

This guy will probably think twice about trying to nick a truck again!

Only one word needed, weapons!

And to finish we couldn’t leave without a reference to the safest rubber known to man.

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone, enjoy your weekends and try and keep it rubber side down yeah?


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