Friday Underground Randoms

Why underground randoms this week? Well, amongst other things today marks the anniversary of Prime Minister Gladstone opening the first section of the London Underground Railway system, from Paddington to Farringdon Street, in 1863. And do you know what’s weird about that? That’s the very tube journey that us country boys have to take when we’re summoned to our head office in London. Anyway, if you thought that was random there’s plenty more where that came from…

A rather foul mouthed song about said underground.

If only public transport announcements really were like this.

People have no respect for tubes.

What do you get if you cross loads of random electrical equipment with someone with too much time on their hands? This.

You can’t beat a good pie.

We possibly had this one once before, but it must have been a long time ago and we love it.


I love a good bit of recycling.

Do you ever get that feeling you’d rather stay inside?

A good bit of head frying material.

And finally to play us out this week a tune that we’ve been digging all week…