Friday Stormy Randoms

It’s a bit wet and wild out there today, so let’s have some ‘stormy’ randoms…

Some nutters just love a good storm. How much air?

Tim Minchin’s ‘Storm’.

Lightning…pah! You need MEGAlightning.

Just out for a quick swim.

End of the world storm?

Well this guy seems to think the world is in trouble.

And we complain about our trains being overcrowded.

Remember kids, don’t do drugs!


Even better.

A weird animation for Radiohead’s Weird Fishes. Winner.

Most random chocolate advert ever goes to this one.

No randoms is complete without a bit of pain, so here’s a whole pile of it courtesy of those crazy parkour folk.

And to play us out this week I thought this classic was fitting.

Enjoy your weekend!