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Friday Stereo Randoms

Friday Stereo Randoms

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

100ft waves, erratic tanks, low flying planes. All this and more in todays fantastic episode of the Friday Randoms!

Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara tames this 100ft beast of a wave off the coast of Portugal.

Could this be surfer Garrett McNamara driving home from his 100ft wave mission?


Dog tired.

Meanwhile in Russia.


Kids in space.


I’ve got a stereo shaped like a chocolate cake, yeh, I call it a Gateau-Blaster.

Scary Big Brother monitoring or useful security tool?


If that mega-spy-drone-camera thing above becomes common then these tee shirts will sell like hot cakes.

Well if you are going to wheelie a childs quad down down a runway you might as well be prepared to expect anything.

That’s all for today, have a good weekend you lot!


  1. Eoin

    Great selection this week Billy, 9/9!

  2. Pedro

    That video of Macnamara is from 2011 in a 90ft wave, now he surfed a 100ft wave!

    1. Big_Tim

      They are now thinking it was 111ft!

      1. WAKi

        You know why women are so bad at parking when their men stand by instructing them? Bumping into other cars, making scratches etc.? It’s not that they are stressed – it is just that their men keep exagarating what 8″ inches actualy is.

  3. Pedro

    I guess the difficulty of riding a 90 ft wave ain’t much different from a 100ft one, just wanted to inform that’s not the video from his recent achievement…
    Here’s a recent video:

    1. DaFerg

      careful calculations lead me to believe that it would be approximately 10% easier on a 90ft wave.

  4. fereno

    friday randoms – love them – always the best way to pop off to the weekend- thanks guys….

  5. Sossidge

    I’ve body surfed bigger than that…


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