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Friday St David's Randoms

Friday St David's Randoms

Here’s your weekly does of randomness, complete with a whiff of Wales…

The story of St David courtesy of a 4 year old.

It’s random…check. It’s got a leek in it…check. And it’s a stop motion animation…must be onto a winner!

You can’t beat a bit of journalistic research…

Absolute genius. Nothing less.

tongue zip

Is it just me, or is that pretty hardcore?


At least doing this is vaguely handy.

Surely this is worse than putting a horse in a lasagne?

Pete & Dud…legendary.

Exercise can be dangerous.

Amazing Jumbo Landing!

No St David’s day celebration would be complete without some Shaky.


Oh, and I nearly forgot the sheep!

And finally Dave Daffodil sees us out with a groovy Friday tune.

  1. JEE

    I din’t expect to hear the line ‘Jesus is my Nigger’ today!!

    1. joemeldrum

      It’s actually nigga’, you don’t want to confuse the two.

  2. Hancock

    Mo should be a diplomat, imagine asking a half marathon winner if he’s ever run before.
    ‘Nah, seemed like fun on the sign ups’
    Any word when those Jumbos will be entering general service?

  3. Sossidge

    Yup…the Jesus rap leaves you kinda speechless….

    God bless America…?

  4. Sossidge

    Forgot to say.. Shaky is still the Don…

    A school disco classic.

  5. joecantello

    you’ve got to love americans sometimes

    1. Leon

      Not too often though!


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