Friday St David’s Randoms

Here’s your weekly does of randomness, complete with a whiff of Wales…

The story of St David courtesy of a 4 year old.

It’s random…check. It’s got a leek in it…check. And it’s a stop motion animation…must be onto a winner!

You can’t beat a bit of journalistic research…

Absolute genius. Nothing less.

Is it just me, or is that pretty hardcore?

At least doing this is vaguely handy.

Surely this is worse than putting a horse in a lasagne?

Pete & Dud…legendary.

Exercise can be dangerous.

Amazing Jumbo Landing!

No St David’s day celebration would be complete without some Shaky.

Oh, and I nearly forgot the sheep!

And finally Dave Daffodil sees us out with a groovy Friday tune.

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