Friday Sporting Randoms

Time for some essential Friday viewing. We’re getting all excited about the impending World Cup Downhill season and filling the time with plenty of other sports including motorcycles, robot tennis and the odd spot of whistling. So take a break and let’s journey around the internet.

Drag racing done proper. Could do with learning to wait for the green light mind.

Actual gas to flat… According to a Youtube commenter the rider in this video is fine:

“Yeah he’s one of my best friends, he’s gunna be fine…keeping him in the hospital until Wednesday or Thursday but he’ll live to ride again. Collapsed lung, broken scapula and 4 or 5 broken vertebrates though, he was all drugged up when I visited him lol…he’s a boss”

That’s cleared that off my conscience then.

Wave pools are making surfing more accessible to the masses apparently. As this ghetto version shows.

Walking is a sport isn’t it?

Still trying to find their way to the finish line even after all these years.

James Stewart shows us how to do an overtake or 13.

Robots set to take over the world of table tennis any day now…

Getting the back wheel lit up…

Motorsport Isle of Man style.

Not exactly sport (at all), but it’s worth watching.

Hucking to flat. Flat onto an unsuspecting victim, that is.

Bravo, bravo.

And finally a tune to get your weekend off to a fine start. Have a good one folks!

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