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Friday Snow Randoms

Friday Snow Randoms

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

“An orange peanut?” It’s bad lip reading time.


It’s official, Armstrong in carpet scandal.

A pretty armless way to catch fish.


Ten minutes after eating a Tesco “burger”.

Stealth snow chains, complete with big red Launch Missile button!


You ain’t seen me, right?

Car chase live from your living room.


This is how the snow plough driver gets to work. Photo: Cedric Gracia

He’s a superhero, an electric superhero with the power to explode hot dogs!

(The police charged him once, put him in a cell, a dry cell, he didn’t offer any resistance but he’s currently not amped but is con-fused. Hertz, volts, ohms etc.)


I like things in a mess but I do like this collection of camera kit from thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com

Holy moly! These fella are flying low.

Some folk will go to any lengths (or heights) to void the Severn Bridge Toll.


That’s all form the World Wide INternet Pipe this week folks! Enjoy the snow and we’ll see you soon!



  1. Barry

    Ha, had a Tesco burger the other day, mate said “do you want anything on that?” I said “Yes, £5 each way please” Better than that My Lidl Pony food.

  2. Ash

    1min 44sec on the low flying jets is unreal


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