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Friday Sex Machine Randoms


It would have been James Brown’s birthday today so this weeks randoms are dedicated to the funk meister general…

Normally we play you out with a tune, but with such a legend in the house he’s going to kick off proceedings.

But can he do a kickflip?

Even if he can’t I still reckon he’s probably got more brain cells than all of this lot put together.

And as for this lot, I’m not sure if they even have one between them.

Enough of the idiots, let’s have something a bit more educational.


Please tell me he’s been photoshopped in.


I’ve just got back from the Isles of Scilly where I spotted this welcoming sign on the local bus. And if you’re thinking that the ’round trip’ option would be good for a bit of sightseeing then forget it, you’ll be too busy hanging on for dear life. Mental!

I’m not quite sure this is what James Brown had in mind.


Blimey, she’s got a large…


I was wondering where that was.

And finally to play us out this week another legend. This time West Country legend DJ Derek. If you’ve never seen him, make sure you do!

  1. d dog

    god bless america !!!
    I watched that mechanical dildo vid for far too long !

  2. Projectilevomit

    Loved the dog’s speed wobble crash at the end!

  3. Craig B

    The lighthouse picture is quite an old and famous one. Not photoshopped at all. It was done by a chap called Jean Guichard in Brittany called “wave” (http://www.jean-guichard.com). They’re his thing apparently.


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