Friday Roobarb and Custard Randoms

Soz, been out today. Dinners in the dog and the Randoms are in the oven. Enjoy!

It wouldn’t be a Friday Randoms without some yelling goats.

A flipping pancake baby.

Funny edit from BMX lad Tom Dugan and his wide bar nightmares!

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

I tell you there’s 10 points and some Dirt stickers for the first person to do an MTB version of this ace stop motion vid.

I love a bit of ping pong. Anybody seen the film Ping Pong? Well worth a watch. (And I’m not talking about those Amsterdam tricks either.)

How you spot a Harley rider at an Italian restaurant.

Blimey, this lot are faster than shit off a shovel, which inevitably does actually happen in this sport.

For Bob Godfrey and Richard Briers. RIP.

This guy relishes a challenge.

We had a chainsaw issue at Dirt today, which reminded me of this beast…

…and also this classic tune from Daisy Chainsaw.

Have a good weekend you lot!