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Friday Roobarb and Custard Randoms

Friday Roobarb and Custard Randoms

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Soz, been out today. Dinners in the dog and the Randoms are in the oven. Enjoy!

It wouldn’t be a Friday Randoms without some yelling goats.


A flipping pancake baby.

Funny edit from BMX lad Tom Dugan and his wide bar nightmares!


Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

I tell you there’s 10 points and some Dirt stickers for the first person to do an MTB version of this ace stop motion vid.


I love a bit of ping pong. Anybody seen the film Ping Pong? Well worth a watch. (And I’m not talking about those Amsterdam tricks either.)


How you spot a Harley rider at an Italian restaurant.

Blimey, this lot are faster than shit off a shovel, which inevitably does actually happen in this sport.

For Bob Godfrey and Richard Briers. RIP.


This guy relishes a challenge.

We had a chainsaw issue at Dirt today, which reminded me of this beast…

…and also this classic tune from Daisy Chainsaw.

Have a good weekend you lot!


  1. joecantello

    Loving the shovel racing. something to keep me busy in the cold winter months.

  2. stooky

    shovel racing, might have switch winter sports!

  3. magnet

    God i used to love Roobarb and Custard forgot Richard Briers voiced it,Legend.Makes me feel so old.

  4. Ben

    This huck puts all mountain bike / moto and even skiing hucks into perspective http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e65_1361153532

  5. Battlestag

    That huck made my stomach go just watching it.

  6. Flo

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