Friday Roald Dahl Randoms

What better way to pay tribute to Welsh legend Roald Dahl, who died on this day, than a pile of randoms?

Come here little pig…

Random. That’s all that needs saying.

Don’t fall foul of the bargain MacBook deals on eBay this Christmas.

Or let your gran anywhere near your computer.

Weird…this mk1 Escort looks very small. Genius

Slo-Mo big wave action.

Holy backflips Batman!

No Friday would be complete without some idiots, but be warned some of these are pretty extreme!

Eegit. How long for the regret to set in?

And finally Christina Aguilera plays us out with ‘Dirrty’ which was released ten years ago today.

I said finally, but to help Craig B prove his wife wrong…

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