Friday Relaxed Randoms

The sun’s finally starting to show its face around here, and even with a little warmth to it. Time to kick back and dream of what’s to come this year… But first, Friday Randoms.

Dreaming of summer already…

Surfing… now there’s something we’d like to try our hands at in this nice weather. Carving turns, sunny beaches, oh yes. Er, maybe not Jaws though:

Now we’re getting going with this daydream, imagine if you could speak to yourself in the past, or the future for that matter?

And how about if you were invincible? You could hit all the lines you ever dreamed of, with hardly a care in the world. Much like Jordan Dentamaro then (try to watch this without cringing, we dare ya…):

New house? This one’s up for 600 grand, should be enough space for a bike room in there (check it out here):

Don’t chill out too much this weekend, there are trails to be ridden folks.

And here’s a couple of tunes to get you going for the weekend:

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