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Friday Randoms: Warning may contain nuts.

10:39 15th March 2013 by Billy Thackray

Nuts. Metric, imperial, organic or psychological. They’re all here in todays Frandoms!

More bike races should have a Trad Jazz Sextet category. They’re entertainer-ing.


Carbon fibre? Meh. Wood is where it’s at.(Though you do have to watch out for dry rot.)

A hydroplaning jet ski hucks a wet one.


This is a bit nuts…


…though not as nuts as this fella.


What’s got two arms, one wheel and flies? A wheel barrow full of horse manure. I’ll get my coat.

There must be an arse wipe app available surely?


After reading this while at his local garage…


…Robert Eggers went back to his shed and made this. A 1998 Cadillac bike.

Ever wondered how King Arthur coped with unexpected extra guests at his fondue parties?


Photoman Vic Lucas reckons:

Black smoke = no new pope
White smoke = new pope
Blue smoke = 2-stroke
Red smoke = meth lab

Maybe he’s irate because he’s chained to a rail?

Whatever, he’s not as irate as this Chinese official at the airport. Skip to the 1.21 point to see him loop the loop.

Ahhh, we haven’t had any 1980s poodle haired rock for a while. Here’s Sheffield NWOBHM stars Def Leppard with a song that was inspired after a visit to Billy Smarts circus.

Have a good weekend you lot!


  1. billy

    In a nutshell that was a good selection of nuts. Only the addition of the Nutty Professor would have made it better.

  2. Tobias Wildebeast

    Did you put the vid about the table in to see whether or not we care (I do)?

    Or is it so AMAZING that it in fact deserves to be featured every few months?


    1. Ed

      It’s called Friday Randoms because it’s random! And by the laws of randomness the same thing can happen more than once!

      (If you want the serious response, Windog our tea boy did those other randoms when Billy was off learning to yodel in the Swiss alps and he was obviously so busy practicing that he missed the table first time around)

      We do hope that you accept our humble apologies for this grave error, but if it’s any conciliation consider yourself a bonafide randoms regular!

  3. xcgeek.com

    good randoms. keen readers.

  4. Hurt and let down

    Like Mr T Wildebeast, I too feel aggrieved and somewhat bewildered at the inclusion of said duplicate random.
    This calls for a thorough enquiry Into the circumstances surrounding this grave error and my expectations are that the findings will be published for all readers to see so that they can come come to a balanced decision that reflects their desire to carry on watching totally random acts of randomness for free every Friday.
    If that new CRC team bike were to find its way to being in my possession by close of play next week I would consider this matter closed.

    Good day.

    1. billy

      Are you the counsel for the defence?
      No your honour, I’m the bloke wot stole the chickens.

      Fair cop (coup), I’ve been duping you with my duplication…won’t happen again (till the next time).

  5. Phil

    That table is a work of art.


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