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Friday Randoms. The one with the tall bicycle

Friday Randoms. The one with the tall bicycle

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


Todays host of the Friday Randoms is Timmy from Pontefract.


Pigs not happy though, he thought it was his turn to be the guide.

And you think your BB is too high…

The Beach Boys Un-Plugged. Just try and stop yourself from clapping along.

Flippin heck!


DirtTV and the Parkin Sisters circa 1930?


It’s an open and shut case. The FBI invest-gate.


Just because it looks rad.


The lads got style.

Happy days at the fairground before Health and Safety.




Three people who look exactly the same in every photo. (12 more here)

This three are a right pair if ever I saw one.

There’s a popular misconception that we haven’t seen anything yet. It’s the Inspiral Carpets with Saturn 5.

Tune for the weekend No.2. Chris The Designer likes this. Modular Synth Live Performance 1. Looks like the Sat Nav from the Star Ship Enterprise to me!

Have a good weekend folks.

  1. jonzo

    Nice Indian!

  2. gabe

    That indian is indeed rad. I looked at the pic for a good few minutes before looking at what you’d written below to see why you had included it. Good reason.

  3. TomW

    that synth is absolutely epic

  4. mamadirt

    Never mind the tall bike . . . I neeeeeed those leopard jeans 😛

  5. Bedders

    Best Friday randoms for ages!!

  6. Shugg

    Great randoms…but the Gymnast clip is defo bullshit..

  7. ronin

    randoms&indians. yes,pls.


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