Friday Randoms – The One With The Summer Skiing

Boom! It’s Friday and time for your weekly dose of randomness…

Awesome, beautiful, random…randoms perfection.


Watch how the the riders tackle the ‘wall’ section at the 5:56 mark in this video, then watch the video below…

Even Brayton would be bowing down in appreciation of that James Stewart huck to flat.

Der C-String. Please tell us this isn’t for real.

And don’t worry guys, they appear to make one for us too.

It’s amazing what you find hanging around in Welsh car parks.

A roadie ‘making a statement about how disappointed he is’.

How did this guy not get punched?

Maybe the British Police do have a sense of humour after all.

That’s some voodoo shit right there.

Prank phone calls aren’t funny kids…unless they are this one.

Steven Hamilton fingerboarding.

And what a tune we have to play you out this week! Now that’s how you put on a show.