Friday Randoms – The One With The Amazing Flying Dune Buggy

Get comfy, it’s time for a bumper pile of Friday Randoms…

Cool is an understatement. Want.

I could do with one of these too.

Graphene, it’s the future.

There was me thinking I was the only one.


Surely this isn’t real?

Clearly jumping over a car isn’t quite as easy…

And it was all going so well.

What’s the funkiest bird? Well the Woodcock is clearly in with a shot at the title.

Yeah I meant to do that.

Bet you didn’t know Obama was a skater.

Or this dog.

I can’t even play a single guitar so this kid can fuck right off.


Plain scary

New Zealand’s tourist board blew the budget on this promotional video.
Musical improvisation at its finest.

Clever son of a gun.


Living the dream.

Things may be more expensive in England but apparently bulbs last longer.

And to play us out this week a random tune with one of the best videos we’ve seen in a while. (It gets even more random at the 4:10 mark)

Have a great weekend folks!

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