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Friday Randoms - Tea Time

Friday Randoms - Tea Time

In keeping with a theme of randomness following last weeks beard randoms.. this week is all about tea.. not everyone’s beverage of choice, but tea to mtb is like..tea and biscuits.. or bacon and eggs.. or something.

tea potQuite possibly one of the most badass teapots of all time?


Did you know..

The optimal number of cups of tea to drink each day is four, according to the Tea Council (yes, there is a tea council)


Not a tea connoisseur? Here is a helpful tea chart so you know exactly how long to brew different teas..

Can’t say this is the best way to make tea, a kettle is probably a lot faster…but it’s pretty hilarious.. JETTLE!



Chicken Tea Party..

Top tea leaves.. If only British adverts were this interesting (weird/random)..


Buy yours today, at the bargain price of £49.95 on Amazon.. May take a while to drink mind..perhaps you could wash in it.. or use it as a plant pot.. or serve someone tea in it when they’ve had a bad day – or tea for all your friends in one.

Nothing to do with tea, but it doesn’t have to make sense, this certainly doesn’t..

And today’s tune is an epic cover of Depeche Mode.. enjoy! (you may feel inadequate as a parent after watching this, but I think most parents do..)

Have a great weekend guys!

  1. iron bike tyson

    that kettle sounds like dubstep

  2. carloscaicedo

    DMK, is a great cover band!! And they are from Bogotá, Colombia :)

  3. Leon

    They ask us if we are tea connoisseurs yet have no recommended brew times for Earl grey ?

    Ameatures !

  4. Battlestag

    You NEVER put the milk in with the tea bag! The milk molecules block the pores in the bag preventing the the tea infusing into the hot water. Basic tea making skillz!

    1. gabe

      BattleStag: I used to be right with you on that one. Then a friend of mine read somewhere that Guy Martin makes his tea with the milk in first, and as he has a small amount of man love for guy martin, he started to do it this way too. I shouted at him for a loooong time about it, but eventually came round to the idea, as he does make a bloody good cup of tea, whatever the method. After some experimenting of my own I have come to the conclusion that yes it does take longer to brew, and if left too long does taste stewed, but if done correctly it can make a very good cup. Also somehow you end up with far less scum on the surface. Perhaps as it is cooled by the milk earlier, so evaporates less? I think more experimentation is required before I come to a proper conclusion.


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