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Friday Randoms: Summer Solstice

Friday Randoms: Summer Solstice

Dirt Intern

The longest day of the year is brought to you by the weird side of the internet. Some random videos from typing any old word into Youtube, some pictures, and a tune. Have an awesome weekend!

Here’s a how to, you know… just in case you ever find yourself in space, and you need to wash your hands…


For the moment you met that special bro in your life.. you know it makes sense.

Here’s a little something if you want to be closer to nature. If you’re stuck in the office/work and you want to be out on the bike, have TEN whole hours of relaxing forest sounds (note: I am just typing the first thing that comes to mind)


If it’s your birthday.. here you go, just what you’ve always wanted.

This game was, and still is rad.


And for all the infinite answers of the universe, Google..

Alcohol, testosterone and a scary game…What could possibly go wrong?


No one said it had to make sense…

Things I wouldn’t recommend, not that anyone likes to fall off. Everyone knows the biggest fail of all is not wearing a helmet..

Today’s tune was unknowingly chosen by Mike, as his wonderful vocals echoed throughout the Dirt office..

  1. James

    Downhill domination = best game ever made

    1. guy

      downhill domination – Im still peeved I didn’t get the 100 tricks unlock. At one stage I was a trick master but couldn’t pull a single run together to get all the tricks. I can’t go back now – id have to relearn my freestyle skills. Plus – Peaty and Voullouiv should’ve have featured in the game.

      I’d buy a new game for the next gen consoles – featuring a complete simulation of the classic dh tracks and infinite adjustments of geometry, cut down wet screams, offset bushings, flats/clips.

      someone make it happen – although I think the market would be rather niche to say the least.

  2. You2shouldgetoutmore....

    Pair of knobs…….

  3. Gabe

    You have just inspired me to dig out my ps2 and have a little raz on the best game ever made. Thank you. Haven’t got a single Xbox game I enjoy as much

  4. Rod

    Get downhill supreme fot thi pad.

  5. Skud

    lol that game looks horrendous even for 2003


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