Friday Randoms No.63,002

This weeks scrapings from the floor of the internet boiler room.

It’s the slick WOPR (We Once Practised Rowing) team to the rescue!

The red hoola hoop strikes again.

This just made golf look fun. But will it work if you get a hole in one?

I’m wondering if a thumb brake my be good for easing armpump? It was one of the ideas from the winners of the 2013 International Bicycle Design competition.

Battle of the saxes. I once saw something similar on a bus in Glasgow with two bagpipers, wasn’t quite the same though.

Bit posh of a treehouse

An escapolo-ctopus.

You’d probably need the skills of an octopus to get into that trailer.

Have a good weekend you lot, here’s hoping that now BST has kicked in the big yellow orb will show itself at some point!


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