Friday Randoms: Hammertime.5.0

This Friday randoms has been brought to you by a girl, yes that’s right – a girl, right here in the Dirt office. But don’t worry I will endeavour to bring you the best that the internet has to offer.. excuse me whilst I go to the dark side of the internet….

Mercedes ‘Intelligent Drive MAGIC BODY CONTROL’, beautifully illustrated through the use of hens. Courtesy of the one and only Ben Winder..

Just because it’s awesome, and that’s why.

This took a lot of time, and brings a whole new level of awesome to post it notes..

A new development for next year’s for those long road races, the new toilet bicycle – the days of struggling with bib shorts will soon be behind you… or not..

If you’ve ever wanted to be the king of your very own meat castle, take a tip from epic meal time.. bacon strips!

Amen to that, in fact, I vote we all get one day off extra a week that it strictly dedicated to riding…

Get some downhill action in GTA V – The game most of us are playing whilst not actually out riding..

And today’s tune..

The views speak for itself, why is this not on all the radio stations?

Happy Friday!

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