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Friday Randoms: Episode 6 part III series 3.

Friday Randoms: Episode 6 part III series 3.

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The one with the Robot Dog and the singing goats…

Bon Goat-vi. (Just kidding)


Evolution of the zombie.

Got to love the lovely folk of Walmart.

Ninja snow clearance.


It’s tea for me but each to their own.

Classic Russian overtake manoeuvre!



Weird dancing goey globules.

(Corn starch is a shear thickening non-Newtonian fluid meaning that it becomes more viscous when it is disturbed. When it’s hit repeatedly by something like a speaker cone it forms weird tendrils. The video was shot at 30 fps and the speaker cone was vibrating at 30 Hz which is why there is no blur. This is the original video with the actual sound of the speaker.)

Flying flyposter.


Yellow wellies are as good as rear wheels.

Rappin for Jesus.

My work here is done.

The Welsh appetite for rugby.

What every building site needs…a breeze block throwing RoboDog.


Behind the scenes at the Friday Random office.

That’s it for this week folks.

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Matt Grindrod

    no music to end it this week? here’s my suggestion for next time, it’s fairly random… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9W9rc-P9UQ


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