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Friday Randoms Episode 34 Series 8: The one with the Beatbox Goat

15:27 25th January 2013 by Billy Thackray

Actually, I lied, the beatbox goat isn’t in this episode, sorry. Maybe next week.

People are awesome…

…but some are more awesome than others. The late great Steve Irwin.

brake fluid

He’s gone dot-ty.


When pigeons attack.

Transparent bike

What’s transparent here is that this racer has a lovely slack head angle…


…but you can sharpen up the steering with these antler bars. Bit deer though.

Holy belly flop!


Agony Aunt letter from the dark side.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse!

Queuing is great.

log on

Early computer lessons. No1: Log on.

Is this a scooter trick?

I feel the pain for the unfortunate chicken.

It’s Dirt editor Big Mike’s Birthday Today, so here’s his favourite tune…Sonic Youth-Teenage Riot. It reminds him of those happy days when he was spotty, carefree and prone to the odd riot (he was once banned for a whole month from Woolworths in Shrewsbury high street for pinching two walnut whirls, dontcha know.)

Have a good weekend folks!


  1. jimbo

    Happy birthday Mr Rose.

  2. Machete

    Daydream Nation is my favourite album of all time. Happy Bday Mike


    JESUS….Billy that first one and the japanese one blew my mind…wow…

  4. Sossidge


    Steve Irwin… There will never be another Aussie as cool as him… Ever.

    1. rod fountain

      You’ve got that right. I only know one (Dr Denis Cumming) and he’s a wank-stain.

  5. Ian Collins

    Woah, Happy birthday Mike!

    Didn’t know you were a sonic youth fan. Sick, also one of my favorite songs of all time. Daydream Nation is insane. Make it a good day!

  6. rod fountain

    Happy Birthday Chief. Teenage Riot is in my top 3 ever. Made me do some bonkers stuff that one.


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