Yep, it’s that time of the week again and today we have been swimming against the current, up the internet river and we have come up with some properly bonkers things to put a smile on your face this fine/a bit grey Friday.

First up is something that is truly amazing, we are not getting all arty on you but these kinetic sculptures are magic.

Now to take the crazy to the world of bikes, well sort of anyway. What do you get if you cross a pulse jet with a shopping bike? That’s right, THE most dangerous bike in the world!

Taking things to the extreme is always good and if you remember a few years back Allen Millyard visited Dirt with his V10 Dodge Viper engined motorbike. Steve Jones interviews Allen about his gearbox DH bike and then Allen rocked up on this monster.

These ideas are clearly well thought out, no matter how mental they are. Here is something slightly more basic and something that Sven Martin definitely needs.


Sven hiding from the sun in Val d’Allos earlier this year.

And the inspired solution?


And we have to have some music in here too, taking a cue from the strange things above The Doors tell us exactly how strange folk can be.

The web is full of such amazing inventions, and this…


And to finally skip right off the bonkers scale then behold, the Badgermin.


If anyone has ever wondered where those weird noises in Sci-Fi films come from then here is your answer.



  1. Terrid

    Very pleased to see Millyard back in the news :-)

    1. Leon

      Would be nice if Dirt could catch up with him again and see what’s going on in the Millyard world , last thing I heard they were in talks wit ” major players ” in the bike world ?

  2. jo

    It’s called a Theremin and your flaatmates will love it!

  3. stooky

    Did we ever get the news? I’m pretty sure I never saw the follow up to this video from when it was originally posted


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