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Friday Randoms

Friday Randoms

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Did you know that potatoes have 48 chromosomes and people have only 46? With or without a jacket. Learn facts like these and more today!

What’s invisible?

Wheelie good idea. Bin done before though.

You spin me right round baby right round…

Focus guys.

Who can tame the spinning beast?

Bad rain.

Bafta award winning death scene.

One hell of a wave.

Music and funny stuff.

Lift off.

Wise words from the British Unused Condom Association.

  1. Olliebongo

    watching a few of the related vid’s from the roller karrusell one, came across this absolute gem of hilarious girl fails compilations. Brightened up my friday for sure


  2. Mcewan

    I don’t know why but I feel the need to point out the wise words are infact from the British Unused Condom Association and not the British Used Condom Association. Its very important not to confuse the two.

    1. billy

      Well spotted, I would have had my membership terminated from the BUCA (Unused) for that gaff. The BUCA (Used) on the other hand would have welcomed the publicity.

  3. skiddypants

    That wave is nuts, not in a million years would I paddle into that!

  4. TimBud

    Its not a question of if a thousand tonnes of water is going to smash you into the rocks, but when.

  5. Will

    ACE! Friday randoms –
    Love it


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