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Friday January Randoms

Friday January Randoms

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

And now for something completely different. Your weekly dose of random cargo washed up on the shore of lake internet.

This is bonkers!

Mad Cow

Winter training?

Eyes wide shut.

How long before we see a robot at a World Cup?

TDK Vader

Need need need one of these choppers at World Cups this year.

Dai Robot’s cousin is a speed camera.

hi five

Is this Halo BDS organiser Si Paton on crimewatch?!


That’s all folks, hope you have a good weekend whatever you’re doing!


  1. VonDH

    Tug Toner got mine on order.. maybe Dirt could add it in with a years Sub ?

  2. Morgan

    I’m disturbed by Mr Butler’s Camel Bro/Mannal Toe

  3. nozes

    I nearly crap myself watching that lunatic riding!!!

  4. Neil

    Shouldn’t that Ipod only have one hand? In the interest of realism and all…

  5. nub

    This CineStar thingy might film in great quality, but it’s flying ridiculously slow :p

  6. james

    Its not Si Paton, too tall.

  7. Greenwood102

    Remi Gaillard is a genius!

  8. Thebear


    That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen in cycling all year, by far!

    Imagine how long it took to program it to do that?! Asimo has ONLY just learned to run, and some teenager can make a robot ride a bike! Immense!

  9. Notapro

    Why isn’t the toner in the Dirt 100?

  10. Steve

    Best Frandoms ever?…

  11. James

    Wonder if they could program that robot to do a no handed wheelie… while waving!?

  12. Sulley

    Cameltoe.com :)


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