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Friday Mr Whippy Randoms

Friday Mr Whippy Randoms

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

It’s Sir Cliff Richards Birthday today, Happy B Day Cliff! Let’s kick off the Randoms with Cliff, Neil, Rick, Vivian and Mike.

We love owls.

I’ll take a Riot Wheel, makes you look like a snail.

Walrus loving

Oh deer! Well it’s one way to spice up XC racing.

Mr Whippy

We had a smaller shredder on before but this one is a beast. Gives a whole new meaning to “shredding the gnarr”. SSI do a Shred Of The Month…top of the requests to shred are “Justin Bieber” and “Can a shredder shred a shredder?”

before after

There’s hope for us all!

The cars all do that round these parts in the local dogging spot.

Number love.

Great games.

Now this is DANCIN’!

your song goes here

Stack them up people!

Jo has been told that Eddie and the 80’s are cool again so here we go with the Whippy theme: Van Halen – Ice Cream Man

Lemonade Money is going out for a night ride tonight so wants: Whodini – Freaks Come Out At Night

marki3boy with another icrecream ditty: Jonathan Richman – Ice Cream Man Live

Have a good weekend!


  1. Twinkle toes

    Dancin vid…. 3:07. Will the real Mike Rose please step it up!


  2. Twinkle toes

    3:04… if you want the full 4 seconds of the Dirt editor and his magic feet.

  3. billy

    Ha, he’s got his Bass Hat on too!

  4. Downhilldan

    half day friday…I’m going riding :-)


  5. LemonadeMoney

    full day friday…I’m going night riding

  6. jo

    song of the Mr Whippy special’s must be “ice cream man” by EVH + 80’s are cool again… well, I’ve been told so!

  7. jo

    and it does include some shredding too!

  8. marki3boy

    Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, Ice cream man. They used to perform this in front of punk audiences, and get them all singing along.

  9. Tim

    Very nice. The new Jag. I was never a Jag man but this is like a cheap Aston for £50k! That’s only ten downhill bikes.


  10. Owl Films

    Big Up for the Owl dudes

  11. Leon

    I bet that thing can shred my bike harder then I ever will…

  12. H

    I enjoyed the lack of terrible animal cruelty in this week’s Randoms


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