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Friday Return of the Randoms

Friday Return of the Randoms

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Golly, it’s been a while hasn’t it? All this World Cup malarkey has got in the way of some good old fashioned Friday fun!

Jet lag has got in the way of this but hopefully you’ll enjoy it!

Le Tour is on at the mo and looks more dangerous than World Cup downhill racing.


It’s festival season.

A machine that will eat anything, a knew a girl like this once.

A Swiss cow freeriding on an Orange 224, got a problem with that? Click the pic to play!

Great story about riding in the bike lanes of New York.

sweet honey

Click here to see more of this thong clad mechanic hotty!

Watch this if you like a buttery biscuit BASS.

knight rider

Knight Burhka Rider

Makes me feel a bit queasy this does.


Heli Test #1 from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Mutiny Bikes has been experimenting filming its promotional web videos, utilising an Radio Controlled Helicopter.


Beach warning.

your song here

Post up your favourite tunes for the weekend, I’ll add the best ones below.

Here’s the Mystery Gang Rockabilly Trio with Woodoo Doll to kick things off.

Lemmy driving a white limo, specially for ddmonkey!

That’s all for today, hope you lot have a good weekend whatever you’re up to!


  1. tim

    I would comment on the helicopter vid or the trials riders, but I only have 6hrs and 23mins to ride that freaking cow down the hill before I clock off work…

  2. Big Al

    I want my job to be feeding that eating machine.

  3. Quality.

    I do love that nutty biscuit bass bass bass.

  4. Chris

    Glad the Friday Randoms are back!

  5. Jez

    That thong dude is wrong!!!!!!

  6. TimBud

    Get those Parkins an RC chopper

  7. Med

    Damn you Friday Randoms……. trying to get work done but that bloody freeriding cow keeps calling my name!!!!!!

  8. ddmonkey

    I need a White Limo with Lemmie driving to come and take me away so I can hit the Pleney all weekend!


  9. ddmonkey

    Yay! Cheers Billy, 4 hours and counting!

  10. RufusP

    @Billy: you knew a girl who ate tampax?

  11. booboy

    i am quite the cow pilot, backflip, double front flips, crash a lot mind

  12. minime

    What’s the song in the Heli Test #1 video?

  13. Mark Dennis

    Local bands new video! Enjoy

  14. Ricky.

    Glad to see the good ol’ Randoms back, hey! And these were all hillarious, especially the Masterchef, ha!

    Here’s my tune for the weekend, classic Creedence Clearwater Revival: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4zPEmRufMU

    Is it me or would this fit right in a Allout Productions film/edit?

  15. cam

    Randoms of the highest order. They are back… and they are Wack!!

    gonna get online and order one of those insatiable tampon eating machines..

    my missus has been wondering what all the Moo`ing and sniggering is coming from the next room…what a feckin genius game…

  16. VonDH

    that machine is a pussy . if they put a UK army blanket into it it would fook it up

  17. james

    the guy with the destroying machine’s wife is gonna be pissed when it’s that time of the month

  18. moz

    Trek & other major companies which have a carbon frame should test it at that machine. It is also perfect for your mother in law.

  19. david graf

    what a fun game– sitting in 7th so far haha

  20. Linda

    Tuuuneeee! Not just for the weekend …



  21. centrifuge

    Sic picks Billy! Thanks! In addition, thank you Billy, and Dirt, for all the hard work you have put in for the World Cup series. What a great year!


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