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Friday Ramones Randoms

09:30 16th August 2013 by Ed Haythornthwaite

It’s Friday and what better way to kick off this weeks randoms than with some classic Ramones action…

The Ramones played their first concert at New York’s CBGB on this very day way back in 1974.

From the fine sounds of The Ramones to the awful sounds of this. Was whoever made this serious? I mean the music is bad enough, but the video…well just wait until ‘the dancer’ is unleashed…

How have we never found Redneck Ray before? Forget gold, this guy is video platinum!

Here’s a philosophical one for you…

Warning, this one could give you nightmares.

Carrot Vs Ninja.

Bikes can make it into randoms too, especially when it’s some sweet BMX racing skillz.


Talking of skillz…

And here’s some more, but surely one is enough? I’ve also got a very strong feeling that these guys previously never got the chance to do it on the real thing.

I need some of this magnetic putty!

Lasers rule!

Fast…yes. Sound good…not so sure.

Don’t take drugs kids cos this is what it’ll do to your head!


And finally to play us out for the weekend it’s a classic from birthday girl Madonna.

  1. stooky

    Redneck ray reminds me a little of bum fights.

    Whats with all the alan watts stuff doing the rounds?


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