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Friday PWEI Randoms

11:11 19th October 2012 by Billy Thackray

This weeks Randoms are dedicated to the Pop Will Eat Itself D90 TDK cassette found in the bottom of the Dirt van glovebox today. Nirvana Nevermind on the A side. Anybody still play tapes these days?

When Robbie Madison met Felix Baumgauter.

Gorilla photo bombs.

A whole heap of randoms squished into one compact video.

The young Bradley Wiggins.

Vanilla Ice tries to break the ice at a party.

I reckon these helmets…

…would suit this guy.

And digging these bike lights too.

And do you think that these guys…

…built this?

They call this the blob.

True craftsmanship.

This is a bit bonkers!

If the new GoPro Hero 3 is any good we might finally retire our trusty Dirt Super 8 Kangol helmet cam set up.

Okay everybody, get your spades out this weekend and dig some jumps, dig some berms, dig some rollers, dig anything, let’s just get digging!

The Poppies with Can You Dig It (and some Wise Up Sucker too)

Have a good weekend.


  1. Rod Fountain

    I remember the tape player in the van. All the way to France with Jon the Designer and Grunt Robinson…and just 4 tapes which we couldn’t hear above the crunch of Grunt’s gear changes.

    1. Big_Tim

      All you needed to complete the ambiance would have been a delicious bottle of Hock… all shitty vans need a good supply of that!

      1. Rod Fountain

        Only if the van’s ‘Tropical Beige’.

  2. Eoin

    That MX/parachute jump is just beyond crazy!

  3. Morgan

    Been hitting up memebase/failblog recently haven’t ya? Always good for some randomness!

  4. andrew

    Super thanks for the PWEI vid this morning!

  5. unleash

    i wonder if tapes are retro enough to be seen as cool and used by the hipster folk,i got one free on the front of a metal mag the other day .i got a friend who still uses eight tracks.

  6. andy

    poppies rule!

  7. like, Lister, right, like?

    all hail the poppies. should really be neds on the other side for the full malverns soundtrack…


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