Friday Office Party Randoms

It’s the Dirt Christmas Party tonight up London way, pop in if you’re about, there should be enough Sherry for everyone, but you might need to bring a tube of Pringles or Pork Scratchings or something to eat.

Blimey, makes me dizzy watching this one.

This is quite hair raising too.

The first ever Tweet? Is that a Chiffchaff or a Grebe? You’ve got to be impressed with this 1890s bit of engineering.

A high speed police chase…Canadian styley!

They’re out there…coming to getcha!

Candyfloss or art?

Phone evolution.

The demonstrated the power of conformity in groups.

Ever had one of those days where everything went your way? What’s it like?

The Fairchild XC 120 Packplane coming to a Queasy Jet near you soon.

Should be a good one!

It’s like Red Bull Rampage on water!

THat’s all for this week folks, have a good weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!

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