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Friday Meteoric Randoms

Friday Meteoric Randoms

Hopefully scientists are right that Asteroid 2012 DA14 will just skim the Earth tonight, otherwise this may well be the last Friday randoms ever.

NASA seem pretty certain that it’s not going to hit the earth but there’s a bit at the 2:34 mark that makes me think they might not be telling us something…

Dirt tea boy Ben Winder doesn’t trust the scientists so he’s been out practising his Dukes Of Hazard style getaway this morning.

I’d have been even more impressed though if he’d managed to somehow include some trampoline action like this into his car entry.


Tell me this thing isn’t real…

The combined power of google and youtube just proved to me that it is! Is there anything that us humans can’t achieve?

Obviously not!


There had to be something about horse meat in here.

I fancy one of these as an uplift vehicle.


This just freaks me out.

And British Rail stop trains because of leaves on the track?

And what other band could we have today apart from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

Although personally I’m loving West Country legend Bill Smarme at the moment, especially when he’s singing about sheds.


And finally, remember kids smoking is bad for your health, it can cause serious mutations.

Have a good weekend!

  1. Howmuchisenough..

    Damn it Ed…you have the finest taste in Randoms…
    Billy will be running scared after that selection.

  2. Iron Bike Tyson

    Hey is that last picture the latest tasty ready meal from Findus?

  3. chris-m

    The Christophe Hamel Acrobat video is insane! That guy has some skills. Very cool video.

  4. Hank Stamper

    The Madrami looks like it needs to turn up the HSR a few clicks.

  5. Leon

    WTF is that thing ? a pig/dog/human hybrid ? it’s hideous either way !

  6. Steve

    Wow, that Jordan Tanner thing looks like somebody sat down and thought “What’s the dumbest and most destructive way I can get up a hill?” That said, I still want one!


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