Friday Grand National Randoms

I once put a bet on a horse at 20:1, it didn’t come in till half past two. Here’s some more horse play from the Grand Race Course Of Internets.

Partridge on horses.

This one’s for BigBassMike. Accident prone angler, Bill Dance.

You knows it!!!

Easy rider New Delhi style.

If dogs could text they’d send messages like this. Text From Dog.

Mellow song…but at 2.25 things get slidey-tastic!

Place Hacking. Urban explorers climbed up the Shard in London and took these snaps. Awesome!

Slackers having fun or premeditated corporate marketing?

Taunting a tawny

You want to see the Bullet train come through…whooohoo!

Censored nipple. DirtTV in the 70’s from retrospace

Quirky, excitable robot.

The poor bugger! Quite surprised he makes it all the way to 2:50 before letting go a guttural cry of despair!

Wise words.

Jeepers, you should have seen the skid marks. There was no saving those pants.

Tuneage? How about a horse theme today?

I’ll kick it off with some classic Metallica and The Four Horsemen.

Kenneth requests The Osmonds “Crazy Horses”

Mark likes Pride & Glory – Horse Called War

LemonadeMoney fancies some Ultramagnetic MC’s – We Are The Horsemen

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