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Friday Dr Who Randoms

Friday Dr Who Randoms

It’s the 50th anniversary of Dr Who this weekend so we shall kick off this weeks randoms with a bit of Dalek action…

Even the Dalek’s are starting to feel a bit festive.


I prefer my Dalek’s in the steampunk style though.


But steampunk At At…now you’re talking.

How much time?

Skill or luck? You decide…

Definitely luck in this case.


Can you tell what it is yet?

I’d like to think I’m not too bad with heights, but there’s no bloody way you’d get me up this.

Apparently the little guy is called Dirt.

I think we can all sympathise with this cat.

Japanese TV must have the highest rate of heart attacks.


A classic case of someone trying to pretend they’re not in a shit load of pain.

And finally here’s your random tune for the weekend…

  1. ronin

    you can’t unsee the drawing. nice randoms this week.

  2. Leon

    I felt physically sick watching that due climb the tower…


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