Friday Crazy Night Randoms

Haphazard 26, frivolous 650 and flighty 29. That’s the way I roll. And these are my erratic Friday Randoms!

This is why cats are nasty…

…and dogs are ace.

He’ll grow out of lizard haircuts one day.

Some kind of sinusoidal Mexican wave on skis.

I had one of these. A hand me down coat. Very handy.

I had two flying discs once, I called them Fris A and Fris B.

Meanwhile in Korea…

Bloody hell!

Grandma we love you.

Lorenzo Suding doing uplifts with his mate.

All I know is that his name is Jack.

Shit just got real when he kicked´╗┐ off his slippers at 1:05.

You could get the sack with advertising like that. Just don’t ask for chefs special sauce. Or a knob of butter.

Take you pick. Tetris in the 1930s? Line dancing? When I said do you fancy a game of bridge, this wasn’t what I had in mind. Anymore?

That’s all for this week. Hope you have some crazy crazy nights this weekend!

Have a goody!