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Friday C Word Randoms

Friday C Word Randoms

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Todays randoms begin with some coarse language that some of you might be offended by. For that reason I have encased the video in a protective wall of goats. Hope that helps.

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 11.06.33

A vivid commentary on the modern world and current events through the medium of the C word and aggresive cockney punk. This one goes out especially for Dirt’s very own tea boy, Ali Todd, whose birthday it is today. He just loves the ‘C’ word, and now he’s 18 he can use it all the time.

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 11.08.49


It’s safe to carry on now!

Dubstep Walrus. Oh yeah!

(For the Lite version of randoms you can stop now. For the All You Can Eat Buffet, carry on)

The new OKeKokey.



Insert some joke about Wayne “Raleigh” Rooney being two tired or something.


Amazing backyard rollercoaster! The neighbours have a log flume though.

Persistent pooch.

Some pretty inspiring “old farts” on motobikes. It’s long, so maybe watch it instead of some telly tonight.

You snooze you lose.

Meanwhile in Russia…(skip to 0.35)

Here’s a bit of classic Creedence Clearwater Revival to finish on.

Have a good weekend folks!

  1. joecantello
  2. Ali

    Billy, you spoil me. Thanks for the dedication – really appreciated!

  3. worthy

    How is that bike football not massive? They should start having tournaments at race events. Skills

  4. rod fountain

    Old Guys enduro film: don’t know how it managed to not be patronising, but it didn’t. A genuinely brilliant piece of film making.

  5. Colin Padden

    I love the c-word. If you don’t you’re a cunt.

  6. daz5239

    so 4x isnt a uci event but bike football is ?

  7. Jack

    Great randoms this week Billy! thanks

  8. sx trail

    “Fifty years of kicks” is simply brilliant!


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