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Fresh Produce: Santa Cruz Heckler

16:49 14th June 2013 by Dirt Intern

Santa Cruz have just announced their all new Heckler. The bike is back for it’s seventh incarnation and now offers 150mm travel and 27.5″ wheels. They have decided to go with the 27.5″ wheels on this build. Could this mean the end of 26″ wheels at Santa Cruz?


150mm travel and
27.5” wheels to match, there’s been no half measures in the new Heckler’s development.
Legions of Heckler owners testify to the durability of the design, marching on through season after
season while other bikes at this price point simply rattle to pieces.


Santa Cruz offer a 5 year warranty for original owners, lifetime bearings warranty and a lifetime crash replacement warranty on all Heckler frames.

• Total frame weight: 6.76 lb (3.07 kg) M size with Fox Float CTD evolution shock.
• 6” (150mm) travel.
• 27.5” wheels.
• New 142mm x 12mm rear axle spacing – easier wheel installation.
• Collet axle pivot – locks in place without pinch bolts.
• Angular contact bearings maximize stiffness.
• Standard or direct mount rear derailleur hanger.
• ISCG-05 chainguide compatibility.
• 73mm threaded BB for creak-free riding and easy installation.
• Two colour options:
• Gloss black w/orange decals
• Gloss blue w/green decals
• Please see your local dealer for bike and frame pricing options and availability.


  1. steve

    FRESH PRODUCE: SANTA CRUZ HECKLER…… Really?????????????!!!!! whats next the Orange clockwork? (ask ya dad kids)

    1. Ed

      It’s a new Heckler you fool!

      1. steve


    2. Hancock

      I asked my dad and he started talking very animatedly about Stanley Kubric, when he finally shut up a minute I managed to interject that I meant the bike Lester imported, at which point he went mental and started shouting at me that Lester’s a wind surfer damnit. I think it’s best to leave dads out of this.

  2. gabe

    So Santa Cruz are bringing out a load of big wheel xc bikes. “could this mean the end of 26″ wheels at santa cruz.” errr. no? Santa Cruz have always had a strong line of dj and dh bikes. dj certainly arent going any bigger, and i doubt anyone with any sense is gonna be dropping 26″ wheel dh bikes for people who own their own wallets anytime soon. But of course dirt mag isnt interested in dj and dh bikes or anything….

  3. sponebob+crabpants

    its all about the wagon wheels these days.

  4. Stu

    It looks god but i can’t say i want one…. Doesn’t really inspire me to want to splash the cash

  5. Digger

    Idiots, thinking they can force people into buying a whole new bike by fitting wrong wheels, their arrogance is staggering. Seems to me that 27.5″ only exists on the internet,in the mags and under paid to ride them pro’s.

    Santa Cruz have probably missed out on selling tonnes of the new Hecklers by fitting wrong wheels as most people that would be interested will be old Heckler owners.

    Isn’t it time that someone made a good looking, well made, durable single pivot with adult sized wheels and a really sorted shock to make up for any SP shortcomings? I know an awful lot of riders that would kill for that.

    1. Vince

      Orange does it !

      1. adam

        Rumormill says otherwise. Prototypes show big wheels all the way up to the Five jumping to 27.5. Alpine, Patriot and 322 will stay 26″, but pics I saw show the long-time staple embracing the larger wheels.

  6. goosecock

    The lads who film ‘emselves jumping over twigs at Llandegla will love em.

    I had an ’06 Heckler and it was awesome. I don’t feel like a mug for having turn-of-the-century 26″ wheels.

    And WOW! 2 colour options, steady on Santa Cruz !!!

  7. matarratas

    I like the cynicism among dirt readers, even though it is sometimes pushed to the limit. In my opinion this heckler is a great improvement to its predecessor for the through axel itself. 27.5 wheels have a lot of potential and versatility and, even though 26″ heckler will be missed, I can’t think of a better bike in their range to jump on the mid sized wheel wagon. The price also seems alright (only if you compare it to what other brands are offering these days).
    Having said that, I agree: wheel size fever makes one sick…


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