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Fox Racing Shox goes public and enters the stock market!

11:17 9th July 2013 by Ed Haythornthwaite



Yeah that’s right, it looks as though you’ll soon be able to buy shares in Fox Racing Shox! The company has put in their application to join the stock market and go public, with the aim at first being to raise $120 million. A chunk of this money will go towards clearing their debt of $52.9 million. That may sound like a huge amount of debt, but it’s not uncommon for a company of Fox’s size to operate with this kind of debt, and in 2012 they turned a profit of $14.2 million.

The price of the shares, and the number of them is yet to be decided, but if you’ve always fancied owning even just a tiny bit of a bike company then now’s your chance.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this move changes the company because this is no small change.

Will you be looking to buy shares in Fox?



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  1. Zee man

    Got fox 34s on my new enduro 29er. Broken out of the box apparently all the same. Be more responsible if your trying to sell your company, I feel like taking em to the consumer complaints tribunal. I’m in Sydney Australia. Watch out for the ctd forks, steer clear.

  2. Eoin

    I saw their “ask us anything” session on pinkbike turned into a cluster**** of “why is my 34 broken?”, “Can I replace the CTD cartridge with something that works?”, “Why was there no oil in my fork?” etc, and a lot of FOX’s answers being downvoted into oblivion. Not surprising really…

  3. Hancock

    Would I buy shares in Fox? No.
    SRAM, maybe.
    Shimano, yes.
    Hope, definitely.
    This is good for Compass Div, they clear their debt and presumably get a nice chunk of money to play with for their next pet project. Whether it’s good for us remains to be seen, Fox in private Equity hands has been characterised by flashy advertising and penny pinching for short term gain, perhaps with shareholders to please they’ll focus a bit more on sorting the quality and longer term sales. Alternatively someone’s about to strip mine Fox for every penny it’s worth and that’ll be that.

  4. The+Truth

    The truth is that Fox are ripping off riders, and they have been for some time. The reliability of their products is shocking (pardon the pun) and now they’ve made products which are nothing short of shit. Actually they are dangerous because they are so bad. I just wish that companies would stop fitting Fox crap to their bikes because I’m finding it harder and harder to find a bike to buy that doesn’t come fitted with Fox junk. Maybe they’re selling to those companies for peanuts to make everyone think they are the best forks, and then to make their millions they charge us poor bastards a fortune for them if we want to buy them separately. I would never buy shares in them!

  5. Fox shit stinks

    They need to seriously sort their stuff out first… Absolute joke products… Worse than when marzocchi shifted production to Taiwan.. And fox haven’t even been through a move like that, so what’s the excuse for the shite they are flogging for far too much. I’ll stick to marzocchi and x fusion thanks

  6. pman

    My 40′s are mint!!

  7. Fox 4 Life

    You fools are losers! Fox products are the best. Go ride your Marz XFusion pogo sticks. There’s a reason why Fox products are found on more bikes than any other brand. There suspension systems are far superior in every way. Pinkbike articles are a load of crap. You pay them more money and they write a better article of your product.


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