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Fort William BDS this weekend is CANCELLED

Fort William BDS this weekend is CANCELLED

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The final round of this year’s Halo BDS National Downhill series, that was to be held at Fort William this weekend, has been cancelled due to bad weather.

Here’s the news from the race organisers:


Latest news from the Nevis Range:

As discussed I today called the Met Office forecaster to get a better idea of the weather for this weekend. The main factor will be the wind – speed and direction
Friday – Southerly 30mph quickly becoming 40-50mph
Saturday – Southerly 40mph gusts 60mph
Sunday – South Westerly 40mph gusts 60mph
Southerly’s are the worst direction for the gondola as the wind travels straight down the line. Friday looks like it will be OK to start with but will get worse. Being this close to Saturday our gut feeling is the gondola would not operate at all in these wind speeds. On Sunday the wind veers to a South Westerly this may be better but at those speeds we can get a funnel effect which creates a strong cross wind which would not be good for bikes on the gondolas.
Of course we can never be certain how the forecast will affect us. There have been occasions when decisions are made and the outcome is totally different to what was predicted. The strongest wind can go to the North or to the South of us, totally changing everything. Hopefully thought this will help you in making a decision.

Rather than making you all drive up there and end up throwing stones at me in the car park I have made the tough and quick call to cancel Fort William. We will look to re-schedule the event to Ocotober at somewhere else.

More details to follow.


  1. jonny

    ohh well was looking forward to that race…

  2. simon

    well I guess better safe than sorry. gives us something to look forward to in oct.

  3. g

    should be a scorcher in october

  4. Tom Laws

    Yep, it wil go well with the Glencoe ski-race… At least they let people know.

  5. Barry

    Do we get a re fund???!!?

  6. dynamite

    i could not race it so cancelled. was only refunded £25 of the £70 race fee. fucking joke.

  7. Umbert

    Better sorry than safe! Worse than cricketers! It’s a mountain sport f”” the gondola push it up!

    Ok fair do.

  8. dynamite=spack

    let’s be clear, you obviously cancelled BEFORE the race was cancelled. Just like a holiday, if you cancel near to the date you don’t get all of your money back!

  9. Tommo

    dynamite, of course its not a joke you spaz! You dont get refunded for obvious reasons, Si/Dave have already paid other people/companies for your slot at a race, i.e. uplift, insurance, race/timing, BC, toilets, medics, skip hire etc etc. There are far worse places to lose your money…

  10. dave

    should there not be a choice between a refund and an entry to the re-shedualed race.
    bit of a silly time to run the race though.

  11. oli

    dave, don’t think it was a silly time to put a race to be honest, the world champs in 07 was the same weekend it’s just bad luck! Si and Dave put so much work into the races and i think they have done the best thing this weekend and wherever the next race is im sure it will be a top event as ever!

  12. Big B

    Race re-scheduled for 24/25th Sept at Caersws!

  13. hmmm

    Or is it… might be oct 8/9 at combe sydenham. A proper announcement (rather than today’s rushed one) tomorrow I would have thought.

  14. Steve

    COMBE SYD!!!!! Always wonderd why we never went back. I loved it there

  15. Shabba

    “bit of a silly time to run the race though”

    Not really, the weather forecasted for this weekend can happen at any time of the year. Last year the SDA race was on at the same time and they had great conditions. The year before that I was doing uplift on the last day of the season and we had temps approaching 25C.

  16. hmmm

    Sadly not to be, 8/9 oct at Caersws :( :( :(

  17. cuthbert

    More likely to be 24/25 sept, bds terms says no refund 2 weeks before the race, this way they can throw the book down so they dont have to pay any refunds, basicly if you wanted a refund for caersws then you had to get a refund before fort william was even cancelled which is impossible

    im sure it was a good call with weather forecasts but surely BC should have rules in place for how late cancellations can be called and everything to do with cancelling with more fairness to riders

  18. Luke

    Hey, October in Fort Bill’s not a bad idea- 11th October 2011 at Relentless-


  19. Si Paton

    Race was cancelled on Thursday 10:30a.m. We announced on Friday afternoon that we have re-scheduled for Oct 8/9th at Caersws in Mid Wales. Parking, Camping and Spectating will as always be free!


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